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November 2022

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While it is possible to manage your own rental property there are many benefits to engaging a professional property manager. Staying on the right side of the law, having added peace of mind, optimising your investment and keeping on top of the market are just some of these benefits.

How Can a Property Manager Help With Regulations?

The Tenancy Tribunal expects all owners to know the law as owning a rental property is the same as owning a business. Not knowing the law is no excuse and breaches of the law can incur large fines.

Property managers are well informed of legislative requirements which change frequently. The Residential Tenancies Act and other Acts are regularly updated and Tribunal decisions also guide interpretation.  Additionally, Crockers property managers have access to independent legal advice to ensure that if a case does go to Tribunal everything is in order to ensure a positive outcome for their clients. Professional managers remain up to date with the latest developments in property law and help  to ensure their clients meet their legal obligations.

How do Property Managers Provide Peace of Mind?

When you invest in property you take on a lot of responsibility and sometimes it may feel as though it’s more effort than reward. Property managers are experts who can help take the stress out of managing your property.

If you invest in quality property management you will be able to relax without having to worry about rental payments as property managers have processes in place to deal with rent arrears. Property managers also take care of property inspections, tenant communications and maintenance work. Professional managers understand what needs to be done to ensure your property remains compliant with your insurance policies.

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What are the Advantages of Using a Leasing Agent?

Crockers uses a dedicated leasing agent for most letting activity, leaving our property managers free to focus on managing properties while our leasing agents focus on getting you the best tenant possible. The core role of a leasing agent is to show rental properties and vet tenants, reducing vacancy times between tenancies. Our leasing agents are experts at vetting tenants, ensuring  tenants are of a high calibre.

Can Property Managers Help Optimise the Return on my Investment?

Property managers can help maximise rental returns by ensuring your market rent and rent yield keeps up with local trends. Having a representative who knows the market rent at all times and is capable of increasing the rent when required can ensure your property investment stays profitable. Often landlords are worried about losing tenants and are reluctant to review the rent even when the market demands it. In times of high inflation and interest rates this is extremely important. At Crockers we do always keep the tenants in mind too. Our property managers are trained

While property management fees may put some landlords off the prospect of engaging a professional, it is likely having a property manager will save you money in the long run. Landlords should note that property management fees are a tax deductible business expense.

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Benefit From Our Experience

Crockers has been handling Auckland rentals for decades. What makes our property managers different is knowledge gained from years of experience. Our seasoned team of experts have seen it all before and have a true commitment to knowing what is going on with every property we manage. When you engage a Crockers property manager you can relax knowing that your property is being taken care of and that your tenants are having the best possible experience too.

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