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Build to Rent (BTR), also known as Built to Lease (BTL), is an emerging trend in the rental housing market. These purpose-built rental properties offer long-term accommodation options and the flexibility to choose lease terms of up to 10 years. These developments are designed to meet the specific needs and preferences of home occupiers and often come with a host of benefits that traditional rental properties cannot match. These benefits may include on-site amenities such as gyms, pools, and other communal spaces. Additionally, BTR properties are professionally managed, with security given prime importance, and maintenance services taken care of promptly.

BTR homes are designed with the needs of the home occupier in mind, so you can be sure that tenants are at the heart of the experience. Home occupiers have the peace of mind that the property is managed efficiently by a professional and experienced property manager with a dedicated team of staff to attend to any issues that may arise during their tenancy. In conclusion, BTR properties offer a unique and attractive proposition for tenants seeking long-term, high-quality rental accommodation.

These purpose built rentals are all owned by a single landlord, what does this mean for you? Security of tenure, certainty of costs, flexibility to exit, and consistency in the management. Moreover, Build to Rent properties have gained considerable popularity only in recent years, indicating that they are healthy homes compliant, newly constructed / near-new developments. Let's explore some of these benefits in detail below. 



High Standard of Living

One of the biggest advantages of Build to Rent is that they offer modern, spacious homes with all the great features, fixtures and fittings. These properties are designed to be comfortable, stylish, efficient and with all the necessities included. Additionally, BTR developments often come with a range of communal facilities, such as gyms, pools, break-out areas, and shared outdoor spaces, that can greatly enhance the quality of life for tenants.


Security of Tenure

The security of tenure (the term/duration of your tenancy) is an important factor when it comes to renting. BTR property owners are in it for the long haul and want you to feel you can be too, this is why up to 10-year tenancy terms are offered to give you the greatest security possible. This means you can put down roots in your community, knowing that you won't have to move out anytime soon. With BTR, you can rest assured that your landlord won't be moving back in! You will not have to worry about your tamariki’s school routine being changed every year either.


Certainty of Costs

Certainty of cost is another advantage of the BTR model. You will know what you'll be paying for rent in the future, which gives you the peace of mind to plan your finances accordingly. In addition, there are agreed-upon steps for rent increases if you choose longer lease terms, which means that you have security around your cost of living too. As a result, you can be confident that you won't face any sudden or unexpected rent increases, making it easier for you to budget for the future.


Flexibility to Exit

We understand that lives, and plans, can change. With the security of tenure and certainty of costs, you are also backed by the flexibility to exit. After the first year, you can exit your long-term lease agreement by completing a notice period if your circumstances change. This gives you the freedom to move if you need to, without having to break a lease.


Personalising the Space

As a part of our service offering, we have previously created bespoke Tenancy Agreements and Building Rules around home occupiers making physical variations to their homes. These were designed to meet needs identified through our regularly conducted surveys of our home occupiers. We have an established process that gives tenants the ability to personalise their homes with minor changes, such as changing a room's color, converting it to a nursery, or installing more shelves. Flexibility & Certainty of Tenure (the term/duration of your tenancy) is key here. With this comes the freedom to change the space to their liking and make it their own. Make them feel at home...


Consistency in Management

At Crockers, we manage the entire community for our BTR property owners, ensuring timely maintenance, uniformity, and clear/precise communication. Crockers have been in the business for over 50 years and are firmly established as one of Auckland’s ‘go to’ property managers. As managers of the entire site, our dedicated homes team will manage all the units and the common areas, deal with any issues as they arise and ensure a hassle-free tenancy for the home occupiers. Let us take care of it.



In conclusion, renting a BTR home with Crockers provides numerous benefits for home occupiers. Not only will you enjoy a brand-new, warm, and secure home, but you'll also get the flexibility, security, and certainty that come with a purpose-built rental. With our established process for making minor changes, you can personalise your home and make it your own as well. So, don't wait any longer, check out our BTR properties today and talk to our team about how we can make renting with us work for you!

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