Body Corporate News

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Keeping our Body Corporates informed and updated during Level 3

3 mins read

Electing your BC chair and committee members

Interested in being on your Body Corporate Committee or stepping up as Committee Chairperson? Here’s how the nomination and election process works.

3 mins read

Unit Titles Amendment Bill

Crockers CEO Helen O’Sullivan presented to the Finance and Expenditure Select Committee. You can read the details of our submission.

2 mins read

All about body corporate fees

What are body corporate levies or fees? Who decides how much they are? What do they pay for? How often are they paid? How are they paid? We cover the basics.

5 mins read

How should you prepare for your Body Corporate AGM?

Attending AGMs is an important part of being a Body Corporate member. Here are our top tips to ensure you get the most out of your meeting.

5 mins read

How does Body Corporate insurance work?

How does insurance work in a Body Corporate? Here’s what Body Corporate Insurance covers and why Body Corporate specific insurance is best.

3 mins read