Body Corporate News

Crockers’ Top Tips for Effective Committees

Is your Body Corporate committee working at peak efficiency? Here are Crockers’ top tips for effective committees.

4 mins read

Level 4 to Level 3 - Community Living

Watch our CEO, Helen O’Sullivan and GM of Community Living / Body Corporate, Victor Jamieson, discuss what Covid-19 Alert level 3 means for Body Corporate and Community Living dwellers.

40 mins watch

Insurance risk of buying multi-unit dwellings with no body corporate

The Insurance Council has warned of the hidden risk of buying into a multi-unit dwelling with no body corporate.

3 mins read

Payment by Cheque Checking Out

Payments by cheque are being phased out in 2021. Here’s how Crockers clients can pay their accounts.

3 mins read

Healthy Home Standards Exemptions and Consequences

We discuss possible exemptions alongside the consequences of not complying in this article.

5 mins read

Healthy Homes in a Body Corporate

Is your rental property in a multi-unit dwelling? We cover the additional challenges you may face meeting the Healthy Homes Standards.

5 mins read