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For property owners and developers alike, managing a body corp can be exhausting.  Complex requirements, changing regulations, endless admin and uncertainty over who does what...  it can all be a major headache!

That's where we come in. 

Crockers are NZ's leading body corporate experts - managing over 22,000 units across 1,000 body corporates NZ-wide.  Our expertise will remove all the hassle and ensure your shared community runs smoothly. From Body Corporates through to Resident’s Societies, Cross Leases and Company Titles, Crockers have the experience and expertise to help create the kind of community you want to live in.

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Here's What We'll Take Care Of:

So who does what exactly?  Here are some of the key things we can take off your busy plate:  

  • Preparing Budgets & Collecting Levies - We'll help you prepare the budget for each year, decide how installments will be paid, and handle the collection of levies from the property owners.

  • Secure Funds Management - We'll establish a separate Westpac bank account for you, and your entity will be the sole owner of those funds.  All interest earned is credited to you, and our relationship with Westpac means you won't pay any bank fees!

  • Running AGMs & Meetings - We'll prep the agenda, take minutes and record the resolutions for your General Meetings. We have rooms suitable for all meeting sizes, plus Remote Meeting facilities & professional AV equipment. We'll also handle sending out resolutions and notices. 

  • Keeping Records - We'll prepare and keep your Financial Accounts & Records, including balance sheet, profit & loss and full details of all transactions for owners to view before the AGM.  We'll also submit the financial statements to an independent auditor.

  • Maintenance Plan - We'll help you develop, fund and implement a long-term maintenance plan to ensure you're compliant with legislation.

  • Legal Guidance - You can rest easy knowing you'll be meeting your legal obligations, as we'll guide you on tricky legal issues such as Health & Safety and Healthy Homes regulations. We'll also keep you up-to-date with market developments & changes to the Unit Titles Act and other legislation.

  • Online Portal - Crockers MyCommunity is an exclusive website where you'll be able to access levy accounts, invoices, AGM minutes, financial reports and other essential information. 

That's not all - we do other things for you too!  For further details about Crockers body corporate management, take a look here: What Does Crockers Do For Me

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Why Choose Crockers?

Your own dedicated Account Manager

Got an issue and want to speak to someone who knows what they're talking about?  

At Crockers, each Body Corporate has its own dedicated Account Manager - an experienced professional you can trust.  If you have any questions, they'll be your go-to person, plus they'll reach out each month with a monthly "Health Check" call. 

We'll also provide you with ongoing education about the body corporate world, so you'll always be up to date!

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Experience across all types of community

Body Corporates, Residents' Societies, Cross Leases, Unit Titles... our team has experience managing them all! 

So no matter whether you're a small group of property owners or a large-scale apartment complex, we can help you create the kind of community you want to live in. 


Transparent fees & market-leading insurance

What about the money side of things?

At Crockers, we're 100% transparent about the fees we'll charge you.  Everything will be clearly set out in your Proposal before you sign anything, so there won't be any hidden surprises!

You'll also have access to market-leading, tailored insurance for exactly the kind of risks faced by multi-owner complexes.  No more worrying about the cost of things that might go wrong. 

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What our community living clients are saying...


Google five-star review
It is clear Crockers have invested a serious amount of capital into their technology systems which greatly assists with timely communication to owners and is user-friendly. Thanks for your great service!
- Jeremy
Google review

Google five-star review
Super professional and helped the committee to make important decisions moving forward to make important and positive changes
- Glenn
Google review

Google five-star review
Crockers Body Corporate Department has been amazing to deal with. Prompt communication, great attitude and always helpful with day to day requests.
- Ali
Google review


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For existing Body Corporates:

  • A detailed list of all the Services we'll provide to you
  • The annual administration fee, including a full breakdown of costs
  • Details of our team - including client care, finance, insurance and maintenance
  • More information about the MyCommunity info portal
  • Practical steps for how the process of transition to Crockers will work 

For Property Developers:

  • A detailed list of all the services we'll provide to you at all stages
  • The annual administration fee, including a full breakdown of costs
  • How we'll help you prepare documents for the development stage
  • What we'll need & the practical steps for body corporate establishment during the development process
  • More information about the MyCommunity info portal

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Prefer to talk to someone? 
Have a friendly chat with our Body Corp and Community Living experts:
Contact the team on  09 968 3311 or

Already a client? Please contact your Account Manager or phone us on 0800 2762 5377 for your enquiries.



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