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As Auckland property management leaders, the Crockers team are experts at managing your rental property. We also bring honesty, traditional family values and integrity built up over the many decades that the company has been operating in the Auckland property scene. 

The Crockers team of more than 45 property management staff and 30 property managers have wide-ranging expertise – we’ve helped everyone from New Zealand investors to foreign investors, including our great relationship with Chinese investors.  Whether you’re overseas or living in Auckland, we’re here to ensure your investment property management experience is stress free.  

As quality property managers, Crockers provides:


  • Feedback and advice on how to maximise the value and rental yield from your property 
  • Solutions to ensure no rent arrears occur 
  • A money-back guarantee if our service is sub-standard 
  • Intelligent and honest feedback and advice 
  • Comprehensive management of accounts for your property, maximising rental returns 
  • Marketing of your property to ensure a high rate of occupancy and minimise weeks without tenants 
  • Emergency phone numbers so you can rest assured someone is always on call if an emergency comes up in your investment property.

We focus on keeping both owners and occupants satisfied no matter where in Auckland they may be. We also specialise in body corporate property management around New Zealand. Crockers takes care of apartments, penthouse suites, flats, villas, newly built homes and older properties, taking the risk out of Auckland property management. 


I haven’t yet bought my investment rental property – what are the steps towards turning it into a rental?   

Some neighbourhoods attract work-focused singles, other neighbourhoods attract family-focused groups. If you haven’t yet bought your Auckland rental investment property, Crockers can advise on the types of tenants who traditionally want to be in the neighbourhood. 

An apartment, flat, unit, historic villa or new build each come with their own pros and cons. The ideal location will differ depending on your tenant’s needs. Similarly, while some tenants will be looking for a garden others may be happier without one. Crockers can advise on what to look for in your property search, keeping your ideal tenants in mind. 

While your bank can help you secure a loan to purchase your property, Crockers can step in to advise on market rent and how this affects repaying the loan through good tenancies. We can advise you on how much to spend on the property and how much rent and bond to expect. 

Crockers follows market trends, updates and insights closely. We’re here to advise on changes to the Residential Tenancies Act such as smoke alarm rules and letting fee changes, too. 


A Team Effort 

Sharing knowledge between a team of experts is the best way for Crockers to maximise the return on your Auckland rental property investment. After all, it takes a lot of teamwork. We have more than 3800 residential properties Auckland-wide from Pukekohe to Whangaporoa. Our property managers live throughout Auckland and often live in the areas they manage. 

Our leasing consultants are always keen to help with new business arrangements when getting the best occupancy, rental yield and maintenance outcomes from your Auckland apartment, villa or rental home. We have an expert team backing up your Crockers property manager to carefully ensure your property is leased, managed and occupied efficiently. 

Our New Business Manager will carefully ensure that your property is integrated into the leasing and management process. A dedicated leasing consultant focuses on presenting your property to prospective tenants. 


Best Property Managers In Auckland | Crockers Property Management


How to get Crockers to take care of your Auckland property management: 

Phoning Crockers on 09 623 5656 is a good way to start. Meeting with a new business manager gets everybody on both sides of the table informed about what your rental yield, legal, financial, insurance and development needs are. 

Having a talk about developing your property to increase its value can be one stage of the process. Perhaps you’d eventually like to sell your Auckland property; perhaps you are simply seeking advice on whether a bathroom or kitchen renovation can add the most value. 


Discussing rental terms, bonds, leases and rental protection 

With the property and plan worked out, presenting the property to tenants can be arranged thanks to an experienced leasing consultant. Administrative support is one of the next stages. Crockers is all about working together as an expert team so your leasing agreements, financial planning and payments are handled effortlessly. 

Your Crockers Auckland property manager becomes your main point of contact once your property management agreement is complete. Your property manager handles the day-to-day admin around your property, whether it’s insurance, marketing, maintenance, water payments or rent collection and accounts.  

Our expert team of property management professionals would love to help you.  

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Crockers Property Management is a member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ). Our Property Managers undergo regular training and development workshops.

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