Commercial and Industrial Property Management

Crockers Commercial Property Management have been providing highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable commercial and facilities management services to clients in Auckland for decades.

At Crockers, we achieve this by application, preparation and planning; learning sessions and staying knowledgeable with latest legislation, methods and technologies; comprehensive data collection and electronic filing to ensure what is needed is on hand 24/7.

We offer a full range of property management services. Besides facilities, and compliance management, your property manager will also look after:

  • lease negotiations
  • tenant liaison
  • lease renewals
  • rent reviews
  • maintenance
  • insurance
  • recovery of operating expenses.

We minimise your outgoings by ensuring expenses are controlled, and contractors are competitive and skilled.

Talk to our Commercial Property Manager, Jacqui Blair on:

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Enhance your investment

What do you want from your investment: Income or capital growth? Different strategies may be required for each. Our commercial property managers work to meet your goals, and to relieve you of the stress of day-to-day management.

We also run a tight ship on maintenance and building services, to ensure the building remains compliant, safe and provides an appropriate environment for your tenants.

Our portfolio includes all styles of retail, commercial and industrial properties from small premises to high rise office buildings. Many of our clients are based overseas and rely on us to be their eyes and ears in the market.

Our services include:

  • Lease negotiation and management
  • Risk management and compliance
  • Negotiation and supervision of contracts
  • Comprehensive accounting services
  • Full tenant liaison

What happens when you first become a Crockers' client?

  • We regularise leasing arrangements and ensure all rental payments remain current.
  • We ensure outgoings are up to date.
  • Normally, we receive all rent and outgoings into our trust account and meet all property accounts when due.
  • On the first of each month we report all activity through our trust account for the previous month, including an updated balance.
  • Payments are made direct to your bank account.
  • We manage invoices for all expenses and on-charge to tenants those costs permitted under the lease.
  • All items of non-standard expenditure are referred to you for approval before they are paid.
  • All arrears are promptly pursued on your behalf.

Talk to our Commercial Property Manager, Jacqui Blair on:

Phone 09 968 3361  |  Email