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Joe Schellack

General Manager - Property Management
021 960 991

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Shanon Aitken

General Manager - Business Development & Marketing
021 220 6233

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Caleb Mills preview image
Caleb Mills

BTR Manager
021 985 994

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James Cowan preview image
James Cowan

Senior Property Manager
022 090 0633

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Abby Rana preview image
Abby Rana

Property Manager
022 127 1008

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Juanita Filmalter preview image
Juanita Filmalter

Tenancy Manager / Leasing Agent
022 533 4944

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Leaidy Munoz preview image
Leaidy Munoz

Tenancy Manager
022 193 2271

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Charles Han preview image
Charles Han

Property Management Assistant

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