Why Use A Crockers Property Manager?

Rental Management

Why use Crockers to manage your property?

Crockers are a professional Auckland Rental Management Company who will turn your Liability Into An Asset. With expert property management from a company which has been handling Auckland rentals for decades, your investment property can go from being a worry to being a point of pride.

Investment properties should make money for you. Not work.

Currently, if managing your own rental property, you face the following challenges:

  • Ensuring the tradespeople hired for maintenance do the job swiftly and efficiently while following legal requirements
  • Minimising the weeks the property is vacant or unoccupied while trying to maximise returns
  • Handling the collection and lodging of bond with the Tenancy Tribunal
  • Resolving disputes in the Tenancy Tribunal
  • Maximising returns by ensuring your market rent and rent yield keeps up with Auckland trends
  • Utilising any tax benefits afforded to you as part of the effort to maximise returns
  • Applying the Residential Tenancies Act regarding insulation, smoke alarms and other issues
  • Finding the time to do all this properly

Because Crockers is the largest single office property management team in New Zealand, we help property investors from NZ to China and all around the world remove the stress and help keep weekends free.

Your property is going to need a range of services, which is why your property manager at Crockers coordinates the professional delivery of the following services:

  • Rent collection – we receive electronic bank statements daily which enables us to act on any rent arrears
  • Gardens – we ensure tenants keep the gardens as tidy as required by the Residential Tenancies Act
  • Water – ensuring water bills are paid by tenants
  • Preventing damage to the property, such as party damage, stains, pet damage or mould
  • Tenancy Tribunal, mediation, warnings and eviction – we handle these issues in the most professional manner
  • Pool care – we liaise with pool care experts so a swimming pool is valued as much as the rest of the property
  • Property records – our Auckland property management system is robust, meaning it’s easy to present your records to accountants, legal services and government departments such as Inland Revenue or the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment

When a tenancy comes to an end

Auckland house prices are high and many tenants want to move into their own place, or may have found another rental that better suits their needs.

All tenancies will eventually end in the tenant Moving out.

Crockers steps in to help with expertise in the following:

  • Advice on whether tenants’ left-behind or abandoned belongings can be disposed of
  • Access for viewings and scheduling viewings
  • Bond retrieval
  • Distinguishing ordinary wear and tear from unacceptable damage
  • Understanding where a tenant’s legal requirement to give 28 days notice of intention to move out applies
  • Understanding what a fixed term tenancy means in reality
  • Working out when to apply 90 days’ notice for tenants to vacate (this can be reduced to 63 days’ notice in certain circumstances, such as if there is a need for immediate family to move in)
  • Communicating with you about your property and answering any questions

What makes our Property Managers different is knowledge gained from experience, practical ability backed up by a seasoned team and the habit of knowing what is going on with every property they manage.

Looking for someone to manage your property? Contact our team of experts, Brenda and Mark, for a free rental appraisal and to discuss your needs:
Phone 09 623 5952 (redirects to mobile)| Email pm@crockers.co.nz

Crockers Property Management is a member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ). Our Property Managers undergo regular training and development workshops.






  • 您知道周围地区的租赁市场价格吗?
  • 您利用了对您适用的各项减税优惠吗?
  • 您了解住宅租赁法案以及与拥有租赁物业相关的法律法规吗?
  • 当需要修缮的时候,您得到了最好的报价吗?您有可靠的人来帮您做这项工作吗?
  • 当原租客搬出的时候,您的物业可尽快再次租给可靠的租客吗?

Crockers拥有新西兰独立规模最大的物业租赁管理团队 。我们可以帮您在房产投资方面利益最大化,从而减少您的压力,让您能够自由享受周末时光。

若想获取出租评估,请联系 Leon Ma
电话:09 968 3330    手机号码: 021 575 419    电子邮箱:leon@crockers.co.nz