Body Corporate Developer Services

Body Corporate Developer Services


Crockers are New Zealand's leading body corporate experts. Our experienced Business Development Team has resources dedicated to working with developers from the inception of a project. This allows developers to get on with the myriad of things that have to be done to get a development underway without the distractions associated with getting the body corporate up and running. In our experience, bodies corporate work best in the long run if they are set up properly in the first place. This is why we provide a range of services to developers at no cost provided our appointment as Body Corporate Manager is confirmed in writing. View some of our latest Body Corp development projects here. 

Our Property Developer Services Include:

  • Assistance on the body corporate operational rules
  • Providing reliable budgets from preliminary marketing stage through to final approved stage
  • Advice on the development of common areas, and ongoing maintenance
  • Assist with the facilitation of the Building Warrant Of Fitness and related compliance items and issues on site
  • Negotiation and execution of property maintenance and service contracts for the Body Corporate
  • Assist with obtaining the initial Long Term Maintenance Plan and Health & Safety Hazard Register
  • Coordinate and host the Body Corporate's first Annual General Meeting within the prescribed time
  • Prepare relevant disclosure statements as required and requested; free of charge
  • Obtain relevant costs for insurance requirements and place cover in accordance with section 135 of the Unit Titles Act as instructed
  • Assist with the developer's legal support throughout all the stages of development

Our Services at Each Stage of Development:

Stage 1 - Prior to Marketing 

  • Reviewing plans and making recommendations for common area maintenance;
  • Preparing an initial operating budget based on valuation, insurance and other estimates;
  • Preparing estimates of final body corporate levies;
  • Arranging presentation copies of the preliminary operating budget for inclusion with the developer's marketing material;
  • Providing assistance on the body corporate operational rules;
  • Assisting with the appointment of a suitable contractor if the development requires a building manager.

Don’t delay – the best time to contact us is straight after resource consent has been granted and initial plans are to hand.


Property Developer Services | Crockers

Stage 2 - During the Build

  • Providing an ongoing review of the operating budgets to ensure they accurately reflect running costs;
  • Assisting with operation design for building initiatives to future proof buildings for the ongoing enjoyment of residents;
  • Being on hand to answer questions from agents and prospective owners and attending purchaser functions to discuss legal requirements;
  • Attending project meetings to provide knowledge and assistance.


Stage 3 - Near Completion

  • Obtaining costs for insurance requirements and placing cover where instructed in accordance with the Unit Titles Act;
  • Finalising the budget based on information provided and contracts required;
  • Arranging contracts for the ongoing maintenance and servicing of common areas;
  • Facilitating the Building WOF and related compliance issues;
  • Applying the ownership interest/utility interest as appropriate to each unit and raising the levy for the first year;
  • Preparing relevant disclosure statements as required and requested;
  • Receiving owners’ information after settlement and establishing a register of unit owners as required by the Unit Titles Act;
  • Obtaining relevant documents, plans, a schedule of contractors and other information to assist in the successful running of the body corporate;
  • Calling and hosting the first AGM within the prescribed time frame.
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