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Securing capable, competent Property Management in Auckland is easy when you engage with Crockers. Crockers have been one of Auckland's leading Property Rental Agencies since 1971 and are experts in Auckland Property Management. Peace of mind is important and you need to be able to have total trust in the people managing your property investment. At Crockers we get that.


As one of the most reputable home rental agencies Auckland has, Crockers know that good Property Management is about minimising rental risk and maximising returns, something that takes years to become skilled in. With Crockers wealth of experience, you can be sure your property will be managed professionally.

Managing a property can require the landlord to juggle knowledge of residential tenancy law, maintenance basics, accounting and even interior design. At Crockers, we know our way around Property Management.

  • Crockers experienced Property Managers have a strong understanding of how the Residential Tenancies Act works particularly in regard to matters such as power of entry, abandoned goods and quiet peaceful enjoyment.
  • Our Property Management Team know how the Tenancy Tribunal operates, when to utilise it and how to steer clear of it by being effective at their job.
  • Crockers Property Managers carry out regular property inspections and understand the legal protocol for periodic inspections of the property.
  • Crockers will develop a maintenance plan for your property and work with you to keep your property in good condition.
  • Crockers ongoing Property Management research means we follow market rent movements and Auckland house prices and have a good understanding of the Property market.
  • Crockers are experts regarding the Residential Tenancy Act, Healthy Homes Guarantee Act, Body Corporate Rules and the Unit Titles Act 2010
  • Crockers keep up to date with legal changes and requirements including the Healthy Homes Amendment Act 2017
  • Crockers are up to date with the latest insulation requirements.
  • Crockers staff know what to do if your property has asbestos or methamphetamine contamination.
  • Crockers know how the act works in regard to pets and can work out a plan regarding prospective tenants who want to bring a pet with them.
  • Our team can advise on Landlord insurance and our Tenant Debt Guarantee to reduce your risk should a tenant cause damage exceeding the value of their bond.
  • Crockers have templated letters and forms to deal with every possible situation and a plan on how to proceed on all of them
  • Crockers do more than required to manage fair wear and tear. We record photos and written evidence of the condition of the property when the tenants move in, and when they leave.
  • Crockers maintain a list of capable tradespeople / contractors to fix problems within the legal timeframe required.

With a commitment to excellence and regular staff training, Crockers will have ready answers for all the regular, and irregular, challenges landlords face: 

  • Working out who pays for unexpected maintenance
  • Raising the rent – what’s legal, how to do it and why
  • Whether any legislative changes have changed circumstances for landlords this year
  • Advising on the financial structure, trusts, accounts and who should be the legal owner of the property

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Contact our team of experts, Brenda and Mark, for a free rental appraisal, and to discuss your needs:
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Crockers Property Management Ltd is licensed under the Real Estate Agents Authority and is an accredited member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ). Our Property Managers are experienced in residential management and undergo regular training and development workshops.






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  • The reason for a 10 score is your skill in finding the right tenants...

    ... everytime that suit our places. We have enjoyed all the past and current tenants you have brought into our properties. Keep up the good work!

    Alan Smith - Director, ADL Graphics Ltd

  • Prompt and efficient service, considering that I live offshore...

    ... Helpful and ensure that things are taken care of before I need to ask for them.

    P Hackshaw

  • The main thing is that we don't have to do anything!

    If anything gets broken or if the tenants have any issues, it just gets sorted, and I always get notified so I am aware of everything without having to do anything about it. It makes owning a rental property no hassle at all! I love it!

    A & M Cheeseman