What Services Does Crockers Provide?

Crockers Commercial Reporting


At Crockers, we recognise the value of your commercial asset and our focus is on helping you optimise the yield on your investment.

Alongside Facilities and Compliance Management, Your Property Manager Will Also Look After: 

  • Facilitating lease negotiation and reviews
  • Rent collection and reviews
  • Collection and payments of outgoings
  • Budget preparation
  • Total property maintenance
  • Building Warrant of Fitness and compliance issues
  • Health and safety audits
  • Regular property inspections
  • Insurance renewals and valuations
  • Debt collection
  • Regular reporting
  • Overseeing that tenant lease obligations are met
  • Arrears and payment management
  • Assisting in lease negotiations
  • Financial reporting and document management
  • Budget setting and analysis
  • Annual rent and Opex reconciliations.

Record-Keeping Services

Our fully integrated computer package forwards monthly statements regarding operating expenses and provides regular updates on property inspections.At the beginning of each month, statements are generated and sent to the Landlord with the updated account balance and activity, as of the last working day of the previous month. Crockers operates using a fully integrated computer system ensuring you are provided with all financial data in relation to your portfolio. We are committed to providing full transparency and allow all our clients access to our online portal.

Our Online Portal

The Landlord Commercial Portal offers several benefits to all Owners and is available to access at any time with the reassurance that the information available is accurate and up to date in real time.

View all properties and tenancies information including:

  • Lease Terms and Commencements
  • Tenancy Term
  • Expiry
  • Annual Rent
  • Rent Paid To Date
  • Rent Part Payment

Finance features include:

  • Viewing of all past statements
  • Ability to track Income vs Expenses for up to 24 months

Maximising the Return on Your Investment

The first step to maximising your investment is to regularise leasing arrangements and ensure all rental payments from tenants remain current and that outgoings are up to date.

We ensure the regular collection of operating expense contributions from tenants, with periodic wash-ups where the actual costs are compared to the budgeted costs, and any shortfall recovered. Our normal practice is to receive all rentals and outgoings into our trust account to enable us to meet all property expenses. All items of non-standard expenditure are referred to the Landlord for prior approval (if required) before work is commenced.

Reviews and Rights of Renewal

Our diary system automatically flags rent reviews and renewal dates as well as other important milestones such as insurance renewal dates. We complete the whole process from notifying the tenant and liaising with valuers when relevant through to documentation completion.

Management Reporting

The net rental collections are remitted to the Landlord at this time. Our diary system automatically highlights dates of all milestones such as rent reviews, expiries and renewals to ensure these are expeditiously actioned, along with compliance and insurance renewals.

Should replacement of a tenant prove necessary, or a lease be assigned, we liaise with local Agents and assist with lease negotiation, together with undertaking due diligence and execution of documents.  We institute recovery steps on your behalf in the event of any missed payments and keep you fully updated, ensuring the recovery process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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