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Top tips on finding the right property manager

Top tips on finding the right property manager

4 Min Read | Read our tips to distinguish a good rent manager from a bad one to ensure you’re getting quality rental management. Read more

Ring-fencing of losses

Ring-fencing and Property Investment

3 Min Read | Are you aware of the ring-fencing of losses proposal? Find out what it means for investment properties & the Auckland property market. Read more

NZ Healthy Homes Standards

Healthy Homes Act Update

4 Min Read | With the recent changes to the Healthy Homes Act, are you aware of expectations around sustainability, health, insulation and more? Get informed here. Read more

rent increase

Best Rent Increase Process

4 Min Read | Looking at increasing rent? Learn about tenant rights, rent increase notice periods, rental laws and more to ensure you are following the best process. Read more

finding the right tenant

Attracting The Right Tenant

3 Min Read | Finding the right tenant can be difficult with things like credit score and credit check to consider. We talk about how to find the best suited tenant for you. Read more