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Whether you're a landlord or an owner in a body corporate, this page is designed to provide you with a centralised location to access our eBooks, webinars, FAQs and other resources that are exclusively created and available to Crockers’ clients. These resources are designed to help you get the most out of your relationship with us. They provide you with the knowledge and tools to manage your property more effectively and efficiently. You'll also have a better understanding of everything that Crockers does and can do for you, enabling you to contribute a greater value to your tenants, your community living entity, and your home or investment property.

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Body Corporate Management Resources

- eBook: Body Corporate Basics
- eBook: Incorporated Societies Basics
- eBook: Effective Body Corporate Committees
- Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

1. Owning in a body corporate 
2. Owning in a shared lane incorporated society 
3. Owning in an incorporated society 
4. Key differences - body corporate and incorporated society

- Body Corporate Client Webinars

1. Body Corporate Basics - The Nuts & Bolts of Body Corporate Life 
2. Incorporated Societies and Shared Lane Societies Basics 
3. A New Owner’s Guide to Community Living
4. Getting Involved in your AGM  
5. Financial Statement Basics
6. Your Body Corporate Insurance Questions, Answered 
7. Working Together Effectively as a Committee 
8. Unit Titles Amendment Act - Understanding the Changes 


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