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Our 'Community Living / Body Corporate Client Webinar Series' is an exclusive benefit available to Crockers' clients only.

This webinar series covers a range of topics that we think will be of interest to our community of owners across the range of multi living entities we service – Bodies Corporate, Resident’s Societies, Laneway Societies, Cross Leases and more. We will take you through the basics, need-to-know, and day-to-day living operations of different community living types. You’ll gain tools to feel more confident within your multi living entity, and help you to add further value to your community, your home and your investment.

Below are the webinar topics covered so far, these are restricted and can be viewed by Crockers Clients only.
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Incorporated Societies Basics | Crockers Client Webinar

Incorporated Societies Basics 

In April 2021, the Incorporated Societies bill was introduced into parliament which led to the Incorporated Societies Act 2022 receiving royal assent in April 2022. The new Act and its impact on an incorporated society will be of interest to all owners of a Residents Society or Shared Lane. Join our General Manager - Community Living / Body Corporate, Victor Jamieson, and Solicitor – Property and Unit Titles Specialist, Thomas Gibbons as they delve into the intricacies of incorporated societies such as:

  • What is an incorporated society: specifically, what is a Residents Society or a Shared Lane?
  • How does an Incorporated Society differ from a Body Corporate?
  • Incorporated Society Constitution: What is it? Why do we need one? What should go in it? Who creates it?
  • Information on the new Incorporated Societies Act 2022 and how this new Act may impact your Incorporated Society.


Crockers Client Webinar: Body Corporate Basics

Body Corporate Basics

What was covered:

  • Simple explanations of the meaning of the many, many words - body corporate, unit plan, common property, principal units, accessory units, operational rules, utility interest, ownership interest and more…
  • Key events in the life of a body corporate – when to expect notices of what, and what you’re meant to do when they arrive.   
  • What’s covered by the body corporate insurance policy, and what I need to cover myself (and variations on that theme for owner-occupiers vs. landlords).
  • Rules, how they’re set, and what happens when they’re not observed.
  • Roles within the community – who does (or should do) what, and who’s really in charge around here?
  • Key events in the life of a body corporate – Notices, Meetings, AGMs...
  • Who do I call when... key contacts and their responsibilities.



Unit Titles Amendment Act - Understanding the changes

Unit Titles Amendment Act - Understanding the changes

The Unit Titles (Strengthening Body Corporate Governance and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2020 received royal assent on 9th May 2022. This Act makes several amendments to the Unit Titles Act 2010 and will be of interest to all owners of a body corporate.

Join our speakers as they discuss some of the key elements of UTAA such as:

  • When does it come into force
  • Changes to the reassessment of Utility Interest rules
  • Changes to General Meeting as it relates to attendance and voting
  • Body Corporate record keeping requirements
  • Body Corporate and Owner disclosure requirements
  • Body Corporate Manager responsibilities
    ...and many more.



Body Corporate Client Webinar Series | Crockers

Financial Statement Basics - Understanding your accounts

The financial accounts of your body corporate or other community titled entity reveal a lot – if you know how to interpret them. We will take you through the elements of your financial information pack, its purpose, and what each is telling you. We’ll also cover a few tips & tricks on what to look for in your accounts, and address some commonly asked questions.

What was covered:

  • Financial Funds: what they are, what for, and why they’re different.
  • Some basic accounting concepts & jargon.
  • The Accounting Equation: Revenue, Expenses, Assets, Liabilities, Owner’s Equity.
  • The Financial Pack: Income & Expenditure Statements, Balance Sheet and Cost Centres.


Body Corporate Client Webinars | Crockers

Your Body Corporate Insurance Questions, Answered.

What was covered:

  • What’s covered, and to what extent – limits, excesses and more;  
  • What’s not covered;  
  • Director’s & Officers cover: what is it, and why your committee needs it?
  • What you need to disclose, and how to go about that; 
  • How to obtain a Certificate of Currency and note your mortgagor’s interest; 
  • The claims process: who fills in which forms and where to get them, and what will happen next; 
  • What if there are Air BNB properties in our building? 
  • What do we do if we’re doing construction works in a unit or the common property? 
  • And so much more….


Body Corporate Client Webinars | Crockers

Working together Effectively as a Committee

What was covered:

  • How Committees come into being - the legal framework.
  • Working as a team: Forming & Norming.
  • What does the committee do? Roles & responsibilities of the committee.
  • Who does what? The tasks which fall to the committee, what the building secretary does, what the building manager does (if you have one), and perhaps just as importantly, what you don’t do.
  • Legal matters: what legal liability do you have for the task you’re carrying out?  And what cover should you ensure you have in place?
  • Working together as a team: tips and tools to help you function as an effective and happy team.
Body Corporate Client Webinars | Crockers

New Owners Guide to Community Living

A whistle-stop tour through the basics of Community Living Entities  what the different entity types are, how they’re different, and why that matters to what they do and how they’re run.

What was covered: 

  • The types of Community Living entities
  • Roles within the community
  • What makes for a successful community
  • A guide to the jargon


Body Corporate Client Webinars | Crockers

Getting Involved in your AGM

A run-through of the legalities, the technicalities and the practicalities - what all the words mean in those emails we send you, what the documents attached are all about, how to get the matters you want to be considered on the list to discuss, how you choose a committee and more. Generally - how you have your say about your community.

What was covered:

  • The preamble: When you meet - how meetings are called;
  • The event itself: How it works - protocol & procedure;
  • The aftermath: What comes next - minutes & levies.


Body Corporate Client Webinars | Crockers

A Conversation with Tony Alexander

Tony’s commentary on the real estate market is always valued and sought after.  If you’re interested in measured and data-driven commentary, please view this webinar. Join our CEO Helen O’Sullivan as she talks to Tony Alexander about his views on the recent announcements in the real estate sector, data points since those announcements were made and his predictions on the direction of travel.



Healthy Homes in a Body Corporate | Crockers Client Webinar

Healthy Homes in a Body Corporate

  • Healthy Homes – requirements & deadlines.
  • The optional HomeFit certification.
  • Healthy Homes compliance challenges in community titled complexes.
  • Healthy Homes exemptions which may apply.
  • Rights & responsibilities: what must, and what can you do?
  • Tips, tricks & resources.


Body Corporate Client Webinars | Crockers

Property in a Pandemic

Tony Alexander's observations of the economy generally and the housing market in particular, is reliable, relatable and never more valuable than today. As we are still seeing an upward trend in residential property prices across New Zealand with median house prices in Auckland increasing year on year, in this webinar we have taken a particular interest in Tony's views on the current trajectory of the housing market.

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The webinars are restricted and can be viewed by Crockers Clients only.
Please contact your Account Manager to request a copy of your webinar material.

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