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August 2021

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What Does Your Property Manager Do?

When you invest in property you take on a lot of responsibility and sometimes it may feel as though it’s more effort than reward. Enlisting a top property manager, however, can take the stress out of property investment.

Your property manager can handle the basics such as tenant selection, rent collection, co-ordination of maintenance work and property inspections as well as helping you to ensure you meet all of your legal obligations. In short, they take the workload off you!

Tenant Selection

Finding the right tenant can make or break your property investment business. A good tenant will pay their rent on time, keep your property in good condition and stay for longer. At Crockers, our Property Managers are experienced in vetting tenants and finding the right tenant for your property. They’ll also help you set the rent at the right level and offer advice on allowing pets at your property.

Rent Collection

Ensuring your rent is collected on time is make or break for a landlord. Your Crockers Property Manager receives electronic bank statements daily, enabling them to act on any rent arrears. And your net funds are transferred to you promptly on the first working day of the month – every month!

Maintenance and Repairs

While landlords and tenants both share the responsibility for keeping a rental property in a good condition, landlords must provide and maintain rental properties in a reasonable state of repair. Your Property Manager understands your responsibilities under the Residential Tenancy Act and will ensure you know what is needed to keep your property up to the required standard. They’ll also take the headache out of routine or emergency maintenance jobs. Your Property Manager will ensure tradespeople hired for maintenance do the job work swiftly and efficiently, while meeting legal Health and Safety requirements.

Staying on the Right Side of the Law

The regulations around residential tenancies have been a real area of focus over the last few years, and there are plenty of changes to keep up with. Other areas of law such as the Privacy Act are also relevant to landlords, so keeping up-to-date with the law can be a real stress for landlords. Ensuring your property complies with the Residential Tenancy Act and meets all the required Healthy Home Standards is paramount, with fines for non-compliance being quite hefty. Your Crockers Property Manager receives regular training on the multiple areas of law applicable to this area, and we’ll provide the processes and guidance to ensure you meet all of your legal obligations.

Property Inspections

Regular rental inspections are beneficial for both landlords and tenants. Your property manager will carry out regular property inspections for you and provide a property management inspection report. You can rest easy knowing your property is being well cared for, while your tenants will have the opportunity to raise any maintenance issues and ensure these are dealt with in a timely manner. Regular inspections are also a requirement of insurance companies offering landlord insurance.

When a Tenancy Ends

When a tenancy comes to an end your Crockers Property Manager can step in and help by providing their expertise on:

  • Understanding the legalities of notice periods;
  • Access for viewings and scheduling viewings;
  • Bond retrieval;
  • Distinguishing ordinary wear and tear from unacceptable damage;
  • And of course, the all important work of re-letting!

Your Property Manager will also be able to provide advice on how to ensure your property is looking its best to attract your new tenants.

How Crockers Can Help You

At Crockers, our years of experience and professional Property Management team can help take the stress out of managing your investment property. Find out more about how a Crockers Property Manager can help you here, or request a Property Management information pack here.


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