Easy Updates: Paint, Carpet and Curtains

June 2020

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Paint, Carpet and Curtains Can Make a Difference

A fresh lick of paint, updated carpets and new curtains can transform a property’s appeal. While tenants won’t expect the latest kitchen or bathroom, they will appreciate a modern colour palette and a fresh, clean home. Here are our top tips for updating your property.

The Perfect Paint

Avocado from the 1970s, full-on pink from the 1980s, or lemon yellow paint from the 1990s will be instant turn-offs for most tenants. While replacing a new kitchen or bathroom is a huge investment, a new paint job can increase the rentability of your property at a relatively low cost. Your home will look and feel fresh instantly, ready to appeal to a much wider audience.

When choosing your paint it’s worth seeking advice from a specialist paint shop for neutral, but fashionable colours. A colour consultation is a free service and will ensure you are on track with your colour selection. All colours, even white, come in many subtly different shades. It’s a good idea to buy test pots or pre-painted A4 colour swatches and try the colours in your property prior to purchase. All colours look different depending on the light in the room.

Remember this isn’t your home and you are trying to appeal to as many different tenants as possible. While a bold feature wall is fine for the property you live in, not everyone has the same taste. Keep it simple and stick to subtle, neutral shades. There’s no need to limit repainting to the walls alone either, specialist paints can bring everything from tiles to benchtops back to life.

Raise the Curtains

Curtains are another area worth investing in. Replacing curtains can be relatively inexpensive and will modernise a room while providing sought-after privacy and warmth. Your tenants will appreciate the warm, modern environment that results.

Of course curtains aren’t your only option. There are many different window treatments available, from curtains to Roman blinds, pull-down blinds, sun shades and shutters.

It’s worth remembering that tenants and their pets can be harsh on window dressings, so it might be worth sticking to ready-made of lower-cost window treatments. In the right colour or pattern these will still elevate your property without breaking the bank.


New carpet is a larger investment but is well worth considering if your current carpet has seen better days. There is nothing more luxurious than stepping into a newly carpeted home. If new carpet is beyond your budget, invest in modern rugs in neutral tones to disguise the most worn areas.

Wooden flooring is another popular flooring option. If hard wood floors prove too pricey, it’s worth looking at laminate flooring. Laminate has the look of a real timber floor, but with added durability at an affordable price. This makes it perfect for a rental property.

When money is tight a simple professional carpet clean can make all the difference. Your property will instantly smell fresher, a huge drawcard for new tenants.

With new paint, modern window treatments and updated flooring you’re sure to find great quality tenants when you list your home.

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