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April 2022

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The Changing Face of Building Management

While traditionally building managers have had a live-in role there has been a move away from live-in managers in recent years. We look at the pros and cons of live-in managers versus the increasing trend of off-site facility management services.

What Advantages Live-In Building Managers Offer?

Traditionally, building managers have lived on-site in larger complexes. The building manager has myriad responsibilities, including being in charge of general security and engaging tradespeople for the upkeep of common areas and general repairs.

The building manager provides an important role, liaising with the body corporate committee, the building owners and the tenants. Long-term live-in managers will often also build up a loyalty with residents over time and owners and residents may enjoy the peace of mind having an on-site manager provides. However, this model of building management is becoming less and less common.

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What Advantages do Professional Building Management Companies Offer?

While building management companies provide facilities management services from an off-site base, this new model of building management still provides day-to-day care for owners and residents.

Facilities management companies provide access to a team of experts who can help owners and residents navigate the ever-increasing complexities of running and maintaining buildings. These services go beyond the everyday duties performed by a live-in building manager.

What Services Can a Facilities Management Company Provide?

While the day-to-day services such as cleaning and maintenance are a must, a professional building management company has the staff and resources to provide additional expertise.  For example, a building management company may look into the regulatory and compliance framework that affects a complex and look to increase operational efficiencies. Professional building managers also have expertise in the fundamental areas of health and safety, long-term maintenance planning and project management.

Depending on the requirements of an individual building, a building management company may also be able to provide a 24-hour concierge service or basic services such as a dry-cleaning drop-off point. This level of service may be outside the scope of a single, live-in manager.

Choosing the Right Management for Your Building

Although building management companies may offer a wider variety of services, there are still many buildings where residents prefer the more traditional model of the live-in manager. The size of your building and the needs of owners and residents will help inform which model is right for your building.

Whichever model you choose, efficient management can make all the difference to residents living in the building. Good building management can, and should, create a warm sense of community for owners and residents.

How We Can Help

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We would like to thank Janet McBain from DMFM for her input on this article.


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