Crockers Community Living / Body Corporate Client Webinar Series

Our 'Community Living / Body Corporate Client Webinar Series' is an exclusive benefit available to Crockers' clients only. A range of topics have been covered in this series that we believe will pique the interest of our community of owners across a variety of multi-living entities we serve, such as Bodies Corporate, Resident’s Societies, Laneway Societies, Cross Leases, and more. We will walk you through the basics, need-to-know, and day-to-day living operations of the different community living types. You will acquire the knowledge and tools necessary to feel more self-assured within your multi-living entity and contribute greater value to your community, home, and investment. Download our webinars using the form below and we'll send you the webinar recording and the corresponding reading material straight to your inbox. 


Crockers Client Webinars


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