When and Why Landlords Must Appoint an Agent

Heading Overseas? Remember to appoint an agent | Landlord

Taking An Extended Holiday? Leaving New Zealand for Over 21 Days?
Be sure to appoint an agent for your rental property.

With the re-opening of international borders, it’s likely many landlords will be looking forward to a well-earned overseas holiday, but if you’re planning to stay overseas for more than 21 days be sure to appoint an agent before you go. There’s nothing more certain to destroy your holiday glow than returning home to a $1000 fine, but this could happen to you if you’re a private landlord who has failed to appoint a representative before jetting off overseas.

The Importance of Appointing an Agent

Private landlords who take an extended break of over 21 consecutive days must appoint a representative to manage their property in their absence. What’s more, as a private landlord it’s your responsibility to let your tenants know you’re going on holiday, as well as the bond centre if this is where your bond is held.

While booking your tickets and planning your itinerary may keep you busy in the lead up to your holiday, it’s imperative you take the time to organise a representative, contact your tenants and notify the bond centre, or under the Residential Tenancies Act you could be liable for exemplary damages of up to $1000.

How to Choose a Representative

Despite the requirements of the Act, many private landlords are still unaware of their responsibilities. Landlords may appoint anyone they choose to be their representative, but the representative must be New Zealand-based and fully aware of the legal requirements and obligations of managing a rental property. You need to be able to trust that they have your best interests at heart and will ensure your tenant’s needs are met.

Remember to Tell Your Tenant

The landlord must give the tenant the representative's name and contact details and address for service. If this doesn’t happen, the tenant can give the landlord a notice to remedy. Read about remedying tenancy breaches.

How Crockers can help

Of course, if you already have a property manager, such as Crockers, then the process is much simpler - you simply need to notify them you are going away, as your property manager is already appointed as your representative. If you want to relax and enjoy your upcoming break, or you’re already thinking ahead to next year, now could be the time to appoint one of our great property managers. 


Why choose Crockers

If you’re letting an investment property, you’re considered to be a PCBU (Person Conducting a Business or Undertaking) and you must comply with a long list of laws. Ignorance is no excuse, but don’t worry, Crockers have you covered! We can help you keep it legal, and provide you with a wide range of services which are detailed in our Property Management Info Pack. We’ll take care of all the stress attached to owning a rental and provide you, and your tenants, with quality property management services. Download our Info Pack below.




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