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Auckland is a fantastic place to live, there is always something happening and Rebecca enjoys the accessibility to our beautiful parks and beaches.

Rebecca has been employed at Crockers since 2006, and really enjoys being part of the busy inner-city team. She previously worked as a property manager in London, and found the difference in legislation between each country to be huge.

She likes to deal with issues as and when they arise and try not to procrastinate as this makes things a lot worse. Don't put off to tomorrow, what you can do today!

As an overseas owner who has recently sold my Auckland studio apartment I'm pleased to recommend Rebecca Lockyer, Property Manager - Central City Specialist at Crockers' Property Management Ltd as a capable and highly committed professional.

Rebecca has efficiently managed my rental apartment from June 2006 to June 2015 (with an approximate 18-month break in between). Rebecca's excellent management has provided for a stable rental income, tenants who have looked after the apartment, and seen that necessary repairs and maintenance were taken care of.

The current good condition of the apartment has been an asset to its recent sale. I appreciate that Rebecca has been readily available and responsive by email and on the phone to provide information or advice when needed and was a key support during the recent sales period in liaising with the tenant. Rebecca has my appreciative thanks for managing my rental apartment so well for so long.
Patricia Taylor

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