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Kathy finished her bachelor's degree in Business Administration in 2015 at Jinan University, Guangzhou. The four years of study has set her up with great skills for management. After her graduation, she moved to New Zealand to start her new life.

Kathy has been living in Auckland for six years and knows the city well. For the past few years she has been working in the Airbnb sector which has helped her gain an overview insight into the industry and knows the trend of the market.


She has now chosen a path in property management which she is embracing. Kathy always has an open mind for new challenges and is never afraid of change. Her hunger for knowledge and determination to turn information into action has contributed to her most recent success. She will be a reliable and trustworthy friend to her clients.

Kathy has a passion for photography... believing that photos tell the story. She loves recording beautiful moments in life through her camera.

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