Why Should I Use a Mortgage Broker?

January 2022

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Why Should I Use a Mortgage Broker? 

Crockers recommends you engage a mortgage broker when looking to buy a rental property. Mortgage brokers know the market, can save you time and money, and can provide specialised expertise, all free of cost to you. 

When Should I Talk To a Mortgage Broker? 

It’s a great idea to engage a broker early in your home-buying process. Even if you are just starting to look for a home, mortgage brokers can help you assess your situation, help you to work out what your budget will be, and advise you on which properties you should be looking at when you’re ready to start your search. 

A mortgage broker works as the middle man between you and the bank or loan provider. The mortgage broker will give you an indication of how much you can borrow from the bank and provide recommendations on what you can do to help get you closer to owning your own home. 

If you are looking for a rental property, have a look at our helpful guide to property investment before you start your search. 

What Are the Benefits of Using A Mortgage Broker? 

There are several advantages to using a mortgage broker, including cost, expertise and help with paperwork. 


Mortgage brokers provide free advice as their commission is generally paid by the bank or lending provider. This means there are no extra costs for you at a time when you will no doubt already have bills piling up. In fact, it’s highly likely the broker will save you money. 


Brokers know the market inside out – that’s their job – so they can look across several banks and providers to make sure you're getting the right deal for your unique circumstances. If you were simply to go to your own bank you might not get the best deal for your current circumstance - everyone is unique depending on debt levels, family commitments and income levels. A mortgage broker will look across the board to find out the best deal for you. 

Apartments can be a budget-friendly first-home option. Have a look at our guide to buying an apartment for our top tips. 


Another major advantage is the help a mortgage broker can provide when dealing with all the paperwork you are likely to encounter when finalising a mortgage. Having a mortgage broker will help lessen your stress and simplify the process. Your broker can help to prepare the paperwork, as well as explaining the paperwork in simple terms. 

Can I Trust My Mortgage Broker? 

All New Zealand mortgage brokers are required to be registered financial advisers. Mortgage brokers are required to have dispute resolution schemes and complaints procedures in place, giving you peace of mind. 

How Can I Find a Mortgage Broker? 

Crockers works with several mortgage brokers and we’re very happy to recommend a mortgage broker for you. Contact the team at pm@crockers.co.nz and we can help put you in touch with a mortgage broker, or advise you on starting your home-buying journey.  


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