Why Home Staging and Photography Matter

May 2020

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High Quality Photography and Home Staging Can Make All the Difference When Finding Tenants For Your Rental Property

First impressions count.  As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Buyers are most likely to see your home online first, and if they don’t like what they see in the photos they’re unlikely to book a time to view your rental property. Photography matters. If you’ve recently bought a home and have copyright to the marketing images used in the campaign using these is a great option. If not, consider having some professional shots taken. The difference between good photos and bad photos could be the difference between tenanting your house easily or not.

Home staging is worth considering, too. Even if you’re letting your property unfurnished it is well worth staging your property for photographic purposes. It’s much easier to imagine living somewhere if you can see how the furniture fits in. If your property is already furnished, consider what you will leave in and take out for the photos.

There are many home styling companies who will offer their expertise for a price, and this will certainly make things easier if you don’t have furniture to fit the space or time to manage the process. However, if you’re feeling creative there’s no reason you can’t stage the property successfully yourself.

Declutter, Declutter, Declutter

The number one tip for a well-styled home is to clear out old clutter! If you’ve been living in the property remove family photos, kids' toys and paperwork. Clean surfaces are a great starting point for a polished look.

Store Furniture

Large items of furniture should be moved into storage to create a sense of space in the property. Ensure the furniture that remains works well together. Less is definitely more when styling a home.

Update Your Furniture and Accessories

Give your property a contemporary feel with a few up-to-the minute accessories. Keep an eye out for bargains - Kmart and The Warehouse have great on-trend and inexpensive ranges. These are also great shops to pick up inexpensive furniture at a low price – Scandi-style furniture has wide appeal and is perfect for rental properties.

Make Your Beds

Ensure beds are made up to hotel standard. Wash and iron linen, invest in European-sized pillows and add a finishing touch with fresh flowers by the bed.

Flaunt Your Assets

Showcase your property’s best bits. If you have great floorboards don't hide them with oversized rugs. Likewise, keep window dressings to a minimum if you have a great view. Ensure the property is thoroughly clean and looking its very best.

Style Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Kitchens and bathrooms can be given an instant lift. Start with a thorough clean in the bathroom, removing old towels and putting toothbrushes, cups and cosmetics away. Invest in fluffy white towels and a luxurious-looking scented candle – again these can be picked up at a bargain price from Kmart or The Warehouse. Scrub the kitchen, buy some trendy new tea towels and add house plants for a fresh look.

Outdoor Areas

Don’t forget your outdoor areas. The front of your house is the face of your property. Make sure your entrance is neat and tidy. Consider a house clean or even a new paint job if it’s starting to look to look worn. A seating area in the back garden is also a good idea and will help potential tenants visualise living in the property.

Next Steps

Once your property is perfectly styled it will only be a matter of time until you find the perfect tenants. Once let, plan to move all furniture into storage – most people will have their own furniture and want to make the property their own. There are some exceptions though - small apartments lend themselves to being let furnished. This appeals to students and newly arrived immigrants who will not have any furniture of their own. And remember to update your photos when you’re looking for new tenants. This doesn’t need to be done every time, but photos should be replaced every five years or so. Keep your photography realistic so potential tenants aren’t disappointed when they view your home.

Good luck with your home staging and photography, and have fun! If you need any further advice, contact the helpful Crockers team 0800 2762 5377.
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