What are the Benefits of Airing Out Your Home in Winter?

June 2023

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While closing your windows and keeping snug inside may seem appealing in winter there are many benefits to airing out your home. Increased air circulation will help improve air quality and remove condensation from your environment, leading to a healthier and dryer home. Here are our top tips for improved air quality and comfort in winter.

Maintaining a Healthy Level of Humidity

It's important to reduce the humidity level in your house in winter to ensure you have a healthy home. According to Green Homes New Zealand an ideal humidity level for your home in winter is 30–40%, while 30%-50% is recommended for the rest of the year.

Spending time in a damp environment can lead to an increased risk of respiratory infections. Viruses and bacteria thrive in moist air. Humidity levels can be monitored by thermometers and hygrometers and are even apps you can purchase which will automate most heat pumps, helping to set and maintain healthy temperature and humidity levels.

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What Simple Measures Can I Take to Air Out My Home?

  • Open windows for a short period each day, even in winter. Ten to fifteen minutes will suffice.
  • Air out your home during the warmest part of the day.
  • Increase air flow by opening windows or doors at opposite ends of your home at the same time.
  • Wipe away window condensation every morning when it is at its worst.

Preserving Your Home Furnishings

Airing out your home will also help protect soft furnishings from damage. Mould spores thrive in warm and moist environments. Decreasing humidity helps protect against mould but airing your property out and utilising heat pumps and dehumidifiers cannot actually kill mould.

If mould is present soft furnishings should be shampooed and hard surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned. Bleach and white vinegar are some common remedies for mould.

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Meeting the Healthy Home Standards

The Healthy Homes Guarantee Act is a policy that was introduced to increase the quality of rental homes in New Zealand. The regulations introduced specific and minimum standards for insulation, heating, moisture, drainage, ventilation and draught stopping for all rental properties.

Under the Healthy Homes ventilation standard all habitable rooms in a rental property must have at least one window, door or skylight which opens to the outside and can be fixed in the open position. The size of the openable windows, doors and skylights together in each room must be at least 5% of the floor area of that room. All kitchens and bathrooms must either have an extractor fan that vents air to the outside or continuous mechanical ventilation that meets certain criteria.

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