Preparing Property for Sale

September 2021

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Preparing Your Property For Sale

So, you’ve decided to sell your investment property! Before you put it on the market, it’s a good idea to tackle some simple jobs, ensure it’s as clean as a whistle, hit the garden and style it for sale.

Make a Great First Impression

Pay attention to first impressions. If buyers don’t like the way your house looks on the outside they may never bother stepping inside – or they mark down its value on first sight. Overgrown gardens, plants growing in the gutters and flaking paint all give the impression of a house that is lacking basic maintenance. Consider a building wash, water-blasting outdoor areas and definitely ensure you have gardens weeded, edges trimmed and lawns tidied up.

Get on Top of Maintenance Jobs

Now’s the time to tackle those jobs you’ve been putting off for far too long. If something bothers you, it’s likely it will bother potential buyers too – and remember, those hints of a poor maintenance schedule all go to value. Replace any broken light fittings, tackle stained carpets and mouldy curtains and fix loose door knobs. You’ll probably wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Clear the Clutter

While you may be attached to your great aunt’s china collection, it’s unlikely buyers will feel the same – and de cluttering helps to focus buyers’ impressions on the space rather than the content. Tidy away kids’ toys, remove oversized pieces of furniture and clear the clutter. If you’re looking for maximum impact, consider having the home staged by the professionals – it is amazing what a designer’s eye can do for a home. If you are using spare bedrooms for other purposes – storing that infrequently used treadmill, for example – move the clutter out to a storage unit and stage it, or at least borrow a bed and a bright duvet cover. Make it easy for your buyers to imagine themselves at home.

Consider Repainting

It’s a good idea to paint out patterns and cover over bold feature walls before you put your house on the market. Keep colours subtle with the aim that buyers can see themselves moving into the property. Buyers will want to stamp their own style on their new home.

Clean, Clean, Clean

Nothing beats a truly clean house. Just tidying up isn’t good enough – your property needs to be sparkling clean for your open homes. Cleaning the carpets and washing the windows could be well worth it too. Consider getting professional cleaners in – it’s a small investment compared with the return you are hoping to make on your house sale.

Ensure it Smells as Good as it Looks

It goes without saying that a house that smells like it’s been closed up for a week while filled with sweaty teenagers will put off buyers. Consider using subtle scented candles or scented oil plug-ins to add warmth and comfort. Don’t overdo it though – strong smells can cause allergies, and make buyers wonder what it’s meant to hide. Be sure to open windows well in advance of the open homes to add freshness.

Pay Attention to Lighting

Everyone wants to live in a light and airy home, not a dark and dreary one. Consider when your house is its sunniest and schedule open homes for this part of the day. Think about cutting back trees that are causing you to lose light. If the weather is unexpectedly cold on the day of your open home, it’s a good idea to turn on the heating.

Add Life with House Plants

You can add instant style and freshness to your home with house plants. A few potted trees or succulents will add modern style and don’t require much maintenance. If you don’t want them for your next place, consider hiring them for the short period that your home is on the market.

Pay Attention to Your Kitchen and Bathroom

Turn your attention to styling up your kitchen and bathroom. These rooms often sell houses. Turn your bathroom into a spa with fluffy towels, expensive-looking candles and trendy house plants. Remove magnets and personal items from the fridge door. Clean your kitchen sink until it shines. Leave a coffee pot and mugs or a bottle of wine and a couple of wine glasses on the kitchen island – this will encourage buyers to see themselves relaxing in the property.

Ask the Experts

For some further tips on preparing your house for sale, see our article Easy Ways to Add Value to Your Property. If you’re looking to sell a tenanted investment property or are after some straightforward and practical advice on property management issues, contact the Crockers Property Management team at


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