Interior Design Trends 2023

January 2023

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As we head into a new year it’s the perfect time to give your rental property an interior update. If you’re a landlord about to let your property and feel it’s time for a change before the next tenants move in, we’ve scouted out the top new home trends of 2023 to get you excited. 

Warm Things Up 

The number one interior trend we are seeing for 2023 is warmer tones and materials. While shades of grey have dominated for many years, in 2023 we are seeing a move towards earthy tones and vibrant colours.  

From jewel-toned blues through to warm clay tones and muted greens, colour is king in 2023. 

Add Texture 

Adding a little texture to your environment will also give it an up-to-date look. While texture can be added through tactile homewares, there's also a move towards textural wall coverings. Sisal wallpapers and plastering on walls are making a comeback. Richer, deeply coloured wood finishes are also on the rise. 

Give a Nod to the Past 

‘Grandmillennial style’ is a term that has been coined to mean 'granny chic' - yep, taking style cues from your grandmother's (or even great-grandmother's) house! This means plenty of pattern, vintage collections, florals, vases and even luxurious chintz curtains. You can take this trend as far as you like - a few curated pieces may be enough to give your home a sense of the past. 

Keep it Sustainable 

Sustainability is a key word in 2023, and this certainly includes our interiors. Upcycling furniture, reducing waste and making use of heritage homewares all help with working towards this goal. 

Upgrade Your Home Office Space 

Following the pandemic so many more of us are regularly working from home. While a laptop at the dining table may have got us through the past couple of years, it's time to make some more permanent changes so that you welcome all kinds of tenants.

While we may not all have the luxury of a separate home office, it's possible to create a functional and attractive office nook in the smallest of spaces. Remember to make use of the space above your desk by decorating upwards - think shelving and artwork. Hybrid furniture options such as laptop tables that double as work surfaces, or a dual-use foldaway bed & office space are also great in small spaces. 

Always Consider Resale 

While following trends can be great fun it's worth taking a moment to consider the future. While small touches such as adding warm neutrals to a home are low risk, going all out with plastered walls or expensive chintz curtains might need more consideration. Consider how much are you willing to spend on your investment property before you decide on any major changes.


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