Gardening Tips for Rental Properties

June 2020

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Less Gardening is More When it Comes to Rental Properties

Tenants don’t want to be pruning the topiary or watering flower beds. If possible, replace large overgrown trees, hedges, and vegetable gardens with simple-to-mow grass before putting your property on the rental market.

Small rows of matching architectural or ground cover plants in beds look more appealing than overgrown or bare beds. Plants do date so ch­­eck with your local garden centre for the latest trends. Find out how fast plants will grow before you buy them. In most cases slow growers are good. You (and your tenants) don’t want to be pruning every year. If you can afford it, consider commissioning a low-maintenance landscape design for your property. This could save you money (and hours of work!) in the long run.

If there is no off-street parking, consider ways to create some such as installing grass pavers. Tenants will notice this and it could encourage them to take your rental property as they will have their car off the road. Think carefully, however, before concreting over green spaces, especially if you have a smaller section. Tenants appreciate space for their family to spread out, and entertain and play games during the warmer months. A flat, grassed area will have huge appeal for a family looking to rent.

The first thing a potential tenant sees in a drive by, or open home, is the front garden and entrance. Always spend time tidying this up to make it appealing. If buyers don’t like what they see on the outside they may not bother stepping inside. Unkempt grounds and flaking paint give the impression of a house that is lacking in love. Ensure your front garden is neat and tidy. Consider a paint job to freshen things up if necessary or pay to have your house exterior professionally cleaned.

If you are looking to buy a rental property, remember that small and simple gardens work best. Investors should only buy big sections for sub division. If you are lucky enough to have a grassed space, consider increasing the rent to include a regular mow by a contractor. This will ensure your property keeps looking its best.

If your rental property lacks garden space and greenery, consider adding instant style and freshness with house plants. Potted trees and succulents add modern style and don’t require much maintenance. As it’s better to rent your home out unfurnished, you could hire these for the short period that your property is being photographed and viewed, or borrow some from a friend. First impressions count, so it’s important to put your best foot forward when marketing your property.

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