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Residential Property Prices | Auckland | Crockers
Investor Insight with Tony Alexander

Earlier this year, Crockers teamed up with Tony Alexander to compile a survey for residential property investors. Each month we report back on the findings that help us better understand how the intentions and sentiment of the property sector is changing over time.

Property Research - Auckland Rental Prices

A monthly insight into the latest Rental stats for Auckland. A steady increase? Or a drop? Are some suburbs doing better than the others? Find out what the median rental price is for a property in your suburb.

Property News, Updates, Tips & Advice

The latest property sector updates are delivered to your inbox. Keep informed with blogs by Crockers, property law and tenancy law updates, disclosure statement information, and tips and advice on everything property! Read more:  Real Estate  |  Body Corporate  |  Property Management.

Property Research - Auckland Sales Prices

A monthly insight into the latest Sales figures for Auckland. Wondering what the sale price is in your neighbourhood? Want to compare data from year to year? See the updated information here.

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