Tony Alexander Survey Report July 2022

July 2022

Key points of interest from this month’s survey
  • Investors are increasingly pulling back from selling their properties despite rising interest rates.
  • The proportion of investors planning to try to raise their rents in the coming year has fallen to the lowest level since we started our survey in June 2021. The average rent increase intended to be sought is also at a record low for our survey at 5.7% from 6.3% in March.
  • Fewer investors are finding their bank to be tough on them.
  • A net 14% of investors say it is now hard to find good tenants – a quick turnaround from the net 15% in March who said it was easy.
  • 58% of investors with mortgage rates coming up for renewal plan fixing only for one year, up from 46% last month and 30% in March.
  • No firm evidence yet exists of greater plans to reduce debt as interest rates rise and deductibility of interest expense from taxable incomes declines.

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