Harcourts Property Ventures Partnership

Crockers is pleased to let you know that we have formed a partnership with Harcourts Property Ventures, a well-respected name in the New Zealand real estate sector. This collaboration aims to improve our ability to support clients who are looking to sell their properties.

For more than a decade, Harcourts has been recognised as a leading and trusted real estate brand. Their advanced industry methods, paired with our ongoing commitment to our clients, create a combination that aims to deliver a top-notch property selling experience.

Harcourts Property Ventures offers a wealth of experience in selling a variety of properties. Their team has successfully handled everything from leasehold properties priced as low as $50,000 to farm sales reaching $30,000,000. This extensive experience gives Crockers' clients peace of mind, knowing that their property, regardless of type or value, will be taken care of professionally and expertly.

Furthermore, as one of the early buyer agencies in New Zealand, Harcourts has a noteworthy track record with Property Ventures. They specialise in selling a wide range of residential and commercial properties, especially investment properties. This flexibility makes them a valuable partner as we strive to expand Crockers' offerings.

If you're thinking about selling your property or need an updated appraisal, we encourage you to contact the Crockers team who will put you in contact with an experienced agent. With the combined expertise of Crockers and Harcourts, we aim to provide a smooth, efficient, and satisfying property selling process.

This partnership reflects our ongoing dedication to improving our services, and we're looking forward to starting this new phase with you.

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