4045 Great North Road


4045 great north road

Renting with a Difference

Worry-free renting is here with Build-to-Rent. The 4045 Great North Road apartments were built with a focus on home occupiers, meaning you're at the heart of the experience.
32 purpose-built rentals all owned by a single landlord, what does this mean for you? Security, certainty, flexibility, consistency.

    • Security of tenure: These are purpose-built rentals – your landlord won’t be moving back in. Five-year tenancy terms are offered to give you the greatest security possible.
    • Certainty of cost: Five-year tenancies come with an agreed CPI based formula for annual rent increases, with a ‘mark to market’ every three years.
    • Flexibility: After the first year you can exit the five year tenancy at 90 days’ notice if your circumstances change.
    • Make your home your own space: Personalise your home with an established process for making minor changes.
    • Consistency: Crockers manages the entire Built To Rent community.
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Modern, spacious living with great features

      • North-facing apartments soaked in all-day sun
      • Lovely courtyard with planter box for the ground floor units
      • Harbour views from the balcony for the upper-level apartments
      • Kitchen comes equipped with reliable, high-quality whiteware
      • Designated washing area within each unit, washer & dryer incl
      • All units come with one (or two) secured carparks
      • Storage lockers available to rent at an additional cost
      • High standard of security – key cards, CCTV surveillance & security patrols



Location perks

      • Bus stop at your doorstep, all essential amenities next door
        includes butchery, bakery, green-grocers, laundromat, dairy and more
      • All school levels within a 15 minute walk
      • Daycare options just minutes away
      • 10 minute walk to Kelston shopping centre with a Countdown
      • 5 minute drive to New Lynn Mall, supermarket, rail and transport links
      • 10 minute drive to Avondale Sunday markets
      • 15-20 minute drive to Waitakere Ranges Regional Park
        for a quick city escape
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Options for Apartments

There are 2 different types of apartments available to rent: 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom configurations.


2 Bedroom

4045 Great North Road 2 bedrooms

2-bedroom apartments are modern, spacious with desirable features such as a north-facing orientation that receives ample sunlight throughout the day. The kitchen is equipped with high-quality whiteware, where the appliances are reliable and of good quality.

The upper-level units offer suburban views, making for a picturesque living experience, with the opportunity to enjoy views from the comfort of one's own home.

Overall, these apartment offers many desirable features that would make it a comfortable and enjoyable place to live.

3 Bedroom

4045 Great North Road 3 bedrooms

3-bedroom apartments are also a modern and spacious living space, with excellent features. The living space is north facing, which means it is bathed in sunlight throughout the day. The kitchen is equipped with reliable and high-quality whiteware, which ensures that the appliances are durable and function efficiently.

With the three-bedroom configuration, it makes it suitable for small families or individuals who require extra space. Upper-level apartments provide a view of the surrounding suburbs. Overall, this property offers a comfortable and convenient living space with modern features.

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4045 Great North Road
4045 Great North Road
4045 Great North Road
4045 Great North Road
4045 Great North Road
4045 Great North Road
4045 Great North Road
4045 Great North Road


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4045 Great North Road

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