Levies, Collection & Payment

Levies, Collection & Payment


Find out how your body corporate levies are charged and payment options below:

Ways to Pay

Body Corporate Levies

Levy Collection

If you have a question for your Body Corporate Account Manager,  you can find their details here.



Ways to Pay

Online - Internet Banking Transfer

Payee: Please put in your Complex Name   |   Account: Bank Account number listed on your invoice
Particulars: Complex Number/Name   |   Code: Unit number
Ref: Your LP Number [this is listed on your invoice]   |   Note - Please make separate payments for each property.

Direct Debit

Please fill out your details in the form below to request a Direct Debit to be set up.


*Please see Terms and Conditions below.

Credit Card

You can provide your Credit Card details over the phone.


Pay by EFTPOS at our offices situated at 2 Onslow Avenue, Epsom, Auckland 1023. Unfortunately, we are no longer able to accept cash payment over the counter.

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What Else You Need to Know

Pay on time to avoid penalties
By paying on time you can avoid any potential penalty interest, up to 10%  being charged by your Community Living Entity / Body Corporate along with any collection costs. Here are some tips to help:

  • Set up reminders in your calendar once your Levy due dates are set
  • Set up online payments for you levy due dates and required amounts each year.
  • Set up a Direct Debit authority and we will action the payment when required for the required amount.

Having trouble paying on time

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and have a levy that’s due and you're unable to pay the amount required or the levy is now overdue please contact your Account Manager and let them know so they can work with you and your Community Living Entity / Body Corporate.

Contact your account manager.

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Direct Debit Terms and Conditions

In accordance with the direct debit authority, your bank account will be debited with the balance owing on the due date, unless we are notified at least two days before this date.  Direct debit payments which fall on public holidays or weekends will be processed the next business day. 

Specific conditions relating to notices and disputes: The initiator is required to give you a written notice of the amount and date of each direct debit in a series of direct debits no less than 10 calendar days before the date of the first direct debit in the series.  The notice is to include:

  • The dates of the debits, and
  • The amount of each direct debit.

If the initiator proposes to change an amount or date of a direct debit specified in the notice, the initiator is required to give you notice no less than 30 calendar days before the change. You may ask your bank to reverse a direct debit up to 120 calendar days after the debit if:

  • You do not receive a written notice of the amount and date of each direct debit from the initiator, or
  • You receive a written notice but the amount or the date of debiting is different from the amount or the date specified on the notice.

You may ask your bank to reverse a direct debit up to 9 months after the date the initiator sent the first direct debit under the authority if you are not reasonably satisfied that the authority authorised your bank to debit your account with the amount of the direct debit.

If the bank dishonours a direct debit the initiator will then cancel the facility and send a confirmation of cancellation to the client using their preferred method of communication.

Please contact your Account Manager if you have any queries relating to your direct debit authority or want to cancel this authority.  If you cancel this authority you will also need to advise your bank, either verbally or in writing.

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Let us know if anything has changed

Check all your details and advise us if you have changed your mailing address, want your levy invoices to go to your property manager, or any current details are not correct. Please contact your account manager by email and let them know.

Need help finding out which payment method is best for you? Contact us on 0800 2762 5377.

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