Sumeet Tanwar

Senior Account Manager
09 920 0831

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Sumeet’s career background has mostly been in the property industry, where he has worked in building and facilities management for over 7 years. With his extensive experience and knowledge, he is well versed in compliance, building laws and body corporate relationships.

He understands the requirements and dynamics of bodies corporate which enables him to quickly assess what is required and action accordingly so that you and your body corporate receive the highest standard of service.

He deeply understands the need of working diligently with his clients, developing positive and meaningful relationships and most importantly effectively educating all his clients on all aspects and dynamics of Bodies Corporate.

His expertise and skills in relationship management, effective communication and being flexible and accommodating at all necessary times allows him to effectively facilitate the day to day operations of all his properties. Gaining his clients trust while delivering and exceeding their expectations is of paramount importance to him.

Outside of work he spends time socialising with family and friends and also exploring our wonderful scenery of Aotearoa whenever possible. He also enjoys occasional cooking sessions and going out for long evening running and walk sessions.

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