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General Manager - Business Development & Marketing
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Shanon is an accomplished professional with a diverse educational background and extensive experience in the property management industry. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Property Management, which he pursued while simultaneously working full time over the course of several years. Additionally, Shanon possesses a Bachelor of Applied Science degree, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning.

Shanon has had an impressive journey at Crockers Property Group since joining in 2007. Starting as a property manager, he has consistently demonstrated his dedication and expertise, steadily progressing within the company. Over the years, Shanon has excelled in various roles within the Property Management and Body Corporate teams. At present, Shanon oversees the Crocker Group's Residential, Commercial Property Management, and Body Corporate New Business and Marketing Teams. Leveraging his extensive knowledge and experience, he plays a crucial role in driving growth and attaining outstanding outcomes for the wider company.

One of Shanon's notable strengths lies in his understanding of the New Zealand property market. Having weathered its booms and busts, he has gained invaluable insights into the dynamics and intricacies of the property landscape. Shanon's expertise extends to the Unit Titles and the Residential Tenancies Act, underscoring his comprehensive knowledge of the legal frameworks governing the industry.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Shanon finds great joy in spending quality time with his family. He cherishes these moments and embraces his role as a dedicated family man. Additionally, Shanon is an ardent BBQ enthusiast, displaying his passion for cooking and creating delicious culinary experiences.

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