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Jerahmeel joined the dynamic Crockers team in 2021. He started in Client Care where he worked his way to a Senior position, assisting his team to achieve goals and milestones by working efficiently and proactively with the clients and the entire team. Always looking to better himself, Jerahmeel has now progressed further into the role of Account Manager.

His enthusiasm to work has grown exponentially throughout the years and he has found a deep sense of belonging in the body corporate industry. His tourism and customer service background has enabled him to be more confident and has proven him highly qualified on dealing with various client concerns in a timely and organised manner. For him, handling challenging situations is not just a responsibility, but also enjoyable and rewarding.

Being an account manager highlights Jerahmeel’s passion for building good relationships with clients and working with a diverse team of talents with a wide range of skill sets. He also loves the strong values Crockers promote, including the opportunity to learn and grow within the company.

In his downtime, Jerahmeel enjoys travelling our beautiful country, reading books, catching up with friends, and dabbling in a bit of photography.

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