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After many years as an Executive Assistant / Personal Assistant Donna joined Crockers in early 2019 as an Account Manager and has never looked back. Her role is varied, challenging, rewarding and she enjoys that she is continuously learning and growing. Donna really enjoys meeting new people through body corporates and is passionate about trying to make their lives easier within their body corporate communities.  Donna really enjoys working with her team at Crockers and highlights how supportive the team are of each other, with everyone happy to share their various degrees of knowledge from across the business.

In her spare time, Donna runs around after her daughter between dancing, athletics and soccer, but she loves it!  Every Saturday Donna also tag teams with another carer to provide 5 hours of care for a young boy and his little sister who both have ADHD, which means their parents can have a break. When Donna has time for herself, she loves to potter in her garden, read, swim, walk and just relax.

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