Virtual Attendance at Meetings Provisions Extended

September 2020

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Provisions Extended for Virtual Attendance at Meetings 

As you will no doubt recall, following active lobbying from Crockers and others, the Unit Titles Act was recently amended to provide for virtual attendance at meetings. This change was effected via a change to s 88 (3) of the Unit Titles Act, with a further provision to the effect that the clause would expire 12 weeks after the expiry of the Epidemic Preparedness (Covid-19) Notice 2020 (‘the Notice’). For obvious reasons, the Notice has been extended through to 23 December 2020. This means that s88 (3) and the provision enabling virtual meeting attendance will now remain in effect until 16 March 2021. The Notice may yet be extended again, resulting in a further extension to the provision. 

We are pleased to see this provision remain in effect, as it has been very popular amongst our clients. We have been in communication with the Minister in charge of this area, Minister Faafoi, making our view that this change should be permanent. As soon as we have a Government in office following the election we will do what we can to raise this issue again – it remains our view that the change is logical and should be uncontentious. We will keep a watching brief on this issue and keep you informed.

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