Payment by Cheque Checking Out

January 2021

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Cheques are Checking Out

From 26 June 2021, our bank Westpac will no longer be able to process cheques – meaning that Crockers will not be able to accept payments by cheque from June 2021.  However don’t worry - Crockers’ clients have several other easy payment methods available to them. 

Why are Cheques Being Phased Out? 

Unfortunately, banks in New Zealand are phasing out the use of cheques.  From 26 June 2021, Crockers’ bank Westpac will no longer process cheques, meaning that from June 2021, we will no longer be able to accept payment by cheque.  That applies whether the cheque originates from Westpacfrom any other New Zealand or an overseas bank.    

Clients will need to arrange another way of paying their body corporate/resident’s society levies.   

Payment by Direct Debit 

Crockers recommends Direct Debit as the easiest way of ensuring that you never miss a levy payment.  There is no set up fee, but you will need to request, complete and return some forms to us.  We will be happy to help you set this up - please contact your account manager. 

Payment by Online Banking Transfer 

The bank account number for your entity is shown on your statement or levy invoice. Please note, you should make a separate payment for each property that you own, as each entity has its own bank account.  Include the following details in your payment:

      • Payee: Use your property’s name or address
      • Account: Use the bank account number provided on your invoice/statement
      • Particulars: BC Number/ Entity Name
      • Code: Unit or property number
      • Reference: Use the ‘LP Number’ from your invoice/statement

Payment by Credit Card 

Please contact our reception on 0800 CROCKERS/0800 2762 5377 to make payment by credit card.  However we don’t recommend this option as you will incur an additional processing fee of 3% of the payment amount.   

Payment by Bank Deposit 

Crockers can not accept payment in cash; however, you can make a deposit at your own branch using the details provided on your invoice/statement.  Your own bank’s fees will apply to this transaction as well. Please ensure you use the ‘LP number’ from your invoice/statement as a reference number.   

Getting Ahead of the changes 

We advise you to make arrangements well in advance of the June deadline.  If you’re having any difficulty understanding the change in your payment method, please contact our Body Corp Community Living experts on 09 968 3311 or email

request a body corporate proposal

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