A Team Effort

Find Out How Our Trained Team Works Together

Property Leasing Consultants

Sharing knowledge between a team of experts is the best way for Crockers to maximise the return on your Auckland rental property investment. After all, it takes a lot of teamwork. We have over 3800 residential properties Auckland wide from Pukekohe to Whangaporoa. Our staff live throughout Auckland and live in the areas they manage.

Our leasing consultants are always keen to help with new business arrangements when getting the best occupancy, rental yield and maintenance outcomes from your Auckland apartment, villa or rental home.

It’s about an expert team helping your Crockers business manager carefully ensure your property is leased, managed and occupied efficiently.

Our New Business Manager will carefully ensure that your property is integrated into the leasing and management process. A dedicated Leasing Consultant focuses on presenting your property to prospective tenants.

How to get Crockers to take care of your Auckland property management:

  • Phoning Crockers on 09 623 5656 is a good way to start. Meeting with a new business manager gets everybody on both sides of the table informed about what your rental yield, legal, financial, insurance and development needs are
  • Having a talk about developing your property to increase its value can be one stage of the process. Perhaps you’d eventually like to sell your Auckland property; perhaps you simply seek advice on whether a bathroom or kitchen renovation can add the most value.
  • Discussing rental terms, bonds, leases and rental protection
  • With the property and plan worked out, presenting the property to tenants can be arranged thanks to an experienced Leasing Consultant.
  • Administrative support is one of the next stages. Crockers is all about working together as an expert team so your leasing agreements, financial planning and payments are handled effortlessly.
  • Your Crockers Auckland property manager becomes your main point of contact once your property management agreement is complete. Your property manager handles the day-to-day admin around your property, whether it’s insurance, marketing, maintenance, water payments or rent collection and accounts.

To get the advantage of Crockers Team effort in managing your rental property you’ll need to email or give us a call. We’re here to answer questions and look after your interests. You really can trust Crockers to look after your property. We are a robust, reputable company with 45+ years in the business.

To find out what makes Crockers Property Management different, contact our team of experts, Brenda and Mark, for an information pack or free rental appraisal of your property.
Phone 09 623 5952 (redirects to mobile) | Email pm@crockers.co.nz