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32 purpose-built rentals all owned by a single landlord.
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Make Yourself at Home... 

Worry-free renting is here with Build to Rent. The 4045 Great North Road apartments were built with a focus on home occupiers, meaning you're at the heart of the experience. 32 purpose-built rentals all owned by a single landlord – What does this mean for you? Security, certainty, flexibility, consistency.

The benefits of Build to Rent for the home occupier:

  • Security of tenure: These are purpose-built rentals – your landlord won’t be moving back in. Five-year tenancy terms are offered to give you the greatest security possible.
  • Certainty of cost: Five-year tenancies come with an agreed CPI-based formula for annual rent increases, with a ‘mark to market’ every three years.
  • Flexibility: After the first year you can exit the five year tenancy at 90 days’ notice if your circumstances change.
  • Make your home your own space: Personalise your home with an established process for making minor changes.
  • Consistency: Crockers manages the entire Built To Rent community.

Flexibility & Certainty of Tenure (the term/duration of your tenancy) is key here. With this comes the freedom to change your space to your liking and make it your own. Make yourself at home…


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32 Purpose Built Houses | Build to Rent Project | Crockers

Modern, spacious living with great features:

• North-facing apartments soaked in all-day sun
• Lovely courtyard with planter box for the ground floor units
• Harbour views from the balcony for the upper-level apartments
• Kitchen comes equipped with reliable, high-quality whiteware
• Designated washing area within each unit, washer & dryer incl
• All units come with one (or two) secured carparks
• Storage lockers available to rent at an additional cost
• High standard of security – key cards, CCTV surveillance & security patrols


New Builds for Rent | Build to Rent Project | Crockers


Renting with a difference

Personalise your home

We understand the importance of making a place your own. We are happy to accommodate minor changes that would make you and your whānau feel right at home. Feel inspired to changing a room's colour, convert it to a nursery or install more shelves? You can feel free to reach out and we’ll happily assist you with the terms, and get this going for you.


Rent a keeper home

Brand new, warm, and secured apartments

Built to a high spec, each unit is Healthy Homes compliant and is designed with a focus on a quality life for you – spacious interiors, sound-proofing, brand new carpets, fixtures & fittings, and modern whiteware – thoughtful use of space too! Heat pumps are included to keep you cosy on cold nights and most apartments receive all-day sun. Large sliding doors that open to a deck, and Venetian blinds for those ‘sleeping late’ mornings.

4045 Great North Road | Build to Rent Project | Crockers


You stay in control when you rent here

Certainty of tenure with flexibility to exit and controlled rent increases

We know you want to put roots down in your community and know where you’re going to be in five years time – but we also know that lives, and plans, can change. The owners of these warm, dry secure homes are in it for the long haul and want you to feel you can be too. That’s why the owner offers fixed term tenancies of your choice of between one to five years, with agreed steps on rent increases so you have security around your cost of living too. With that certainty still comes flexibility – if you want to move after your first year of the fixed term tenancy, you can terminate your fixed term tenancy with 90 days notice (expressed as a cap on liability for any unexpired portion of the fixed term). Talk to our team today about how this might work for you! 

Annual rent increases on your fixed term tenancy will be restricted to CPI - other than the third year, where a review of market rates will be undertaken. This provides you with certainty around your cost of living, and also helps you plan for the future with confidence.





All things property, done properly. We take pride in looking after your place.

Crockers have been in the business for over 50 years and are firmly established as one of Auckland’s ‘go to’ property managers. We are committed to delivering exceptional service and would go that extra mile for you. Our dedicated homes team will manage all the units and common areas, deal with any issues as they arise and ensure you enjoy a hassle-free tenancy. As managers of the entire site, we can guarantee timely maintenance, uniformity, and clear/precise communication. Let us take care of it.


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Crockers Property Management is a member of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand (REINZ). Our Property Managers undergo regular training and development workshops.

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