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Body Corporate Administration

As your Body Corporate Manager, our job is to make your life easier by taking care of the administrative functions of your body corporate on behalf of the Body Corporate Chairperson and/or Committee. We are great at multitasking, but the particular services we offer to your body corporate tend to depend on the size and requirements of your complex. In all cases we strive to be professional, independent, and utterly reliable. You can trust us implicitly to look after your paperwork like it was our own.

Our core services to your body corporate are based on the Body Corporate Chairperson duties as outlined under Regulation 11 and include:

  1. Maintaining the register of unit owners (contact details for owners appearing on the title and their preferred means of contact)
  2. Preparing the agenda and taking the minutes of each General Meeting; recording resolutions voted on and whether they were passed
  3. We establish and operate a bank account with Westpac Bank for each individual entity we manage.  The funds of each entity are banked to that account, and payments for your entity are transacted through it – quite separate from the funds of any other entity.  Westpac Bank as our banking partner recognises the entity as the sole owner of those funds.  All interest earned on the funds is credited to the entity, and our relationship with Westpac means that you do not pay bank account operating fees.
  4. Keeping financial accounts and records -  preparing these with a balance sheet, profit and loss account and full details of all transactions for all owners to view before the Annual General Meeting
  5. Submitting, on behalf of the Body Corporate, the Body Corporate's financial statements to an independent auditor
  6. Sending committee reports to unit owners
  7. Preparing and sending out resolutions for agreement by mail, and notify unit owners of the results
  8. Notifying the Body Corporate Committee of any delegation of a duty or power to the Body Corporate Committee
  9. Any other duties relating to the administration of the Body Corporate that the Body Corporate has decided by ordinary resolution to confer on the Chairperson
  10. Arranging insurance valuations and quotations, placing insurance and assisting with the lodgement of insurance claims for common property, losses or damage
  11. Attending to general correspondence with owners

Management of BC

Depending on the requirements of your Body Corporate and the things we have agreed to take care of, we may also offer members of your Body Corporate:

  1. General advice on the management of the property, such as how to plan for long term maintenance of the complex and navigate your way through challenging issues
  2. The option of taking care of routine maintenance for your common property areas.  However, please remember that we're not specialist builders or engineers, so larger projects are not within our scope.

Exceptions to this include complexes where:

  1. You have your own Building Manager, either visiting or resident
  2. You don't approve a budget for maintenance - meaning that we have no authority to incur expenditure and no funds to pay the bill when it arrives
  3. There is the facilitation of an audit of the financial accounts of the body corporate
  4. There are secretarial services to committee meetings (by arrangement)
  5. There are arrangements of building compliance requirements such as Building Warrants of Fitness

Other services are negotiated from time to time between the Body Corporate Manager and the Body Corporate Chairperson/Body Corporate Committee, including additional General Meetings and additional levies.

As your trusty Body Corporate Manager, we can only deal with administration related to common property - if your washing machine isn't working or your tap is leaking, we're sympathetic, but sadly not the person to call. We can only deal with the owner of the property, as they have the rights and responsibilities of membership and these can't be delegated.

If you're in the market for a great Body Corporate Manager who is interested in helping you, have a friendly chat with our Body Corp & Community Living experts today. Contact the team on  09 968 3311 or bc@crockers.co.nz 





1. 负责业主的信息登记(产权下的业主联系资料以及他们首选的联系方式)

2. 制定每次大会的议程并记录会议内容;对投票表决的决议及其结果进行记录

3. 我们在Westpac银行开设的独立审计信托账户可确保资金管理安全,您的所有物业资金利息始终让您的物业管理得益。

4. 保管财物账目及记录-制定资产负债表,损益账目以及所有交易的完整信息,供所有业主在年度大会召开前查看。

5. 代表物业团体向独立审计员提交物业公司的财物报表

6. 向公寓业主发送委员会报告

7. 制定决议并以信件方式发送给业主征求意见,并将相关决议的结果通知业主

8. 通知物业管理委员会将授予委员会的任何职责或权力

9. 物业团体通过普通决议决定的与物业管理相关的职责将被授予物业主席



如果您正在物色一位专业的物业管理经理,请与 Leon Ma 联络:
电话 09 968 3330 or 021 575 419 或电子邮箱 leon@crockers.co.nz






  • 您有上门查看或常驻的楼宇/小区管理员
  • 您不批准维护所需的预算-这意味着我们无权进行这笔支出,没有资金支付这种费用的账单
  • 物业团体拥有获取财务账目审计的简便之道
  • 在委员会的会议中提供文秘服务(需另外安排)
  • 根据建筑法规的遵从性要求,有如Building Warrants of Fitness(建筑合格证)等安排

其他服务通过在物业管理经理和物业管理主席/物业管理委员会之间随时协商决定,包括额外大会以及附加管理费。作为您可靠的物业管理经理,我们的主要职责是管理与公共财产有关的事务- 如果您的洗衣机坏了或水龙头漏水,我们对此爱莫能助。我们主要与房产业主进行沟通,因为业主的权利和义务无法转让给其他人。

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如果您正在物色一位专业的物业管理经理,请与 Leon Ma 联络:
电话 09 968 3330 or 021 575 419 或电子邮箱 leon@crockers.co.nz