Who Does What?

Crockers is New Zealand's leading Body Corporate Manager to almost 1,000 bodies corporate, managing over 18,500 units.

Body Corporate Rules

Most body corporate rules require that the body corporate appoints a Manager. Whilst the Body Corporate Manager can be a volunteer from amongst the owners, most bodies corporate prefer to appoint a professional Body Corporate Manager to:

  • Do a job that most owners don't want to spend their valuable time doing themselves;
  • Provide peace of mind in the knowledge that they have someone who is unbiased and independent who can work to resolve differences or disputes and bring members to a collective agreement over challenging issues;
  • Remove the personal risk and legal liability that may attach to individual members;
  • Take advantage of expertise in relation to asset management, insurance, maintenance, building compliance, health & safety, and statutory obligations;
  • Obtain access to specialised computer systems required for accounting, billing and record-keeping.


If you're in the market for a great Body Corporate Manager who is interested in helping you, have a friendly chat with our Body Corp & Community Living experts today. Contact the team on  09 968 3311 or bc@crockers.co.nz 


Appointing a Body Corporate Manager

The Body Corporate Manager's work starts before the members of the body corporate settle the purchase of their units. This means the Developer usually appoints the Body Corporate Manager.

Alternatively, the members of the body corporate may resolve at a general meeting to engage a professional Body Corporate Manager. Call us today and we can take you through the steps to change your Body Corporate Manager.




  • 为业主们分担工作
  • 成为一个独立的,不偏待意见的个体
  • 除去个人要承担的风险及法律义务
  • 坐享专业的资产管理,定制保险,物业维护,楼宇合格监管等服务
  • 使用财务系统管理和资料存放

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