Ashcroft HomesOpportunities for land owners under the new Auckland Unitary Plan.

With the increasing demand for housing in Auckland, and the changes brought about by the Auckland Unitary Plan, there now exists great opportunities for many property owners to add new housing to their existing sites. Where once you may have been able to add an extra home at the front or rear of an existing property you may be surprised to find you can now add three or four. 

Ashcroft Homes is working with Auckland Landlords.

One of the questions Ashcroft Homes get asked frequently is “What is the minimum section size I need to be able to build and subdivide?”.  The simple answer, is there is no minimum. The Unitary Plan has been written in a manner where, provided you can fit a dwelling and associated outdoor living, outlook, parking and access, you can then subdivide around that property. It’s not uncommon for lots to be less than 100m2 for townhouse developments. 

Case Study: When Two Becomes Eight!

Recently Ashcroft Homes were approached by a land owner, seeking development options for their 1,012 m2 section that hosted two brick and tile units. After reviewing the site for its build feasibility, we concluded that the two units could be replaced with eight new terraced home! A terraced housing solution would maximise living spaces on the smallest of footprints, while delivering the highest rental returns.

It was important to this client, that they partnered with a company that could manage all aspects of the project from initial scheme plans, to council consents, to construction. With pre-designed standard plans, fixed pricing and an inhouse planning and subdivision management team, Ashcroft Homes was able to offer a total one stop solution, managing all aspects of the property development project.

Council have now approved all resource and building consents, and construction has begun – and very shortly, this client will be enjoying rental returns from eight properties, rather than two!

For more information contact Josh Healey, Property Development Consultant at Ashcroft homes, on or 021 608 113.

When two become eight! 

How Many Homes Could You Fit?

If you own a property, and would like to understand its build potential, you can register for a Free Site Evaluation Report from Ashcroft Homes. Ashcroft will review your site and advise of its build potential based on its current zoning, site contours and serviceability.  If you’re interested in having this no cost, no obligation site feasibility report conducted on your land, then please get in touch with either Josh or Nathan, by email or phone:

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