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hich method of sale is best for your property?

Which is the best method for selling your property? We look at sale by auction, list price, negotiation, tender, and expressions of interest in this article.

4 mins read

Selling a Tenanted Property

Thinking about selling a tenanted property? Here’s what to consider first.

4 mins read

Easy ways to add value to your property

Thinking about putting your property on the market? Consider these easy updates first.

3 mins read

Does Healthy Homes compliance help sell Investment Properties?

Having a Healthy Homes compliant property is a huge advantage when it comes to the sale of your investment property. Find out why.

3 mins read

Realty Market Update: The Impact of COVID-19

As New Zealand begins to rebuild post-lockdown we look at how the realty market is likely to be impacted in the coming months.

3 mins read

Significant Changes to REINZ/ADLS Agreement for Sale and Purchase

Prospective purchasers now to provide proof when withdrawing from property deals based on finance.

2 min read