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Crockers’ Guide to Buying an Apartment

Apartments are a great option for investment properties and first homes, but there are a few extra steps involved in buying a unit-titled property. Have a look at our top tips before you buy.

4 mins read

All You Need To Know About Sale by Negotiation

Selling your property by negotiation can lead to a premium price, but there can be pitfalls too. Here’s all you need to know before deciding on this method of sale.

2 mins read

All You Need To Know About Sale by Auction

Property auctions are currently the most popular method of sale, but is an auction right for your property? Here’s everything you need to know.

5 mins read

Selling in an Apartment Complex

When you’re selling an apartment in a unit titled complex, there’s an extra step in your sales process – the provision of compulsory disclosure statements to potential buyers. we talk about what’s required in this article!

5 mins read

Which method of sale is best for your property?

Which is the best method for selling your property? We look at sale by auction, list price, negotiation, tender, and expressions of interest in this article.

4 mins read

Selling a Tenanted Property

Thinking about selling a tenanted property? Here’s what to consider first.

4 mins read