Property Developers Setting Up A Body Corporate

The Business Development Team at Crockers has resources dedicated to working with developers from the inception of a project.

Property Developers Setting Up A Body Corporate

This allows developers to get on with the myriad of things that have to be done to get a development underway without the distractions associated with getting the body corporate up and running.

In our experience, bodies corporate work best in the long run if they are set up properly in the first place. This is why we provide a range of services to developers at no cost provided our appointment as Body Corporate Manager is confirmed in writing.

Crockers Body Corporate Management services include:

Prior To Marketing

  • Review the plans and make recommendations on the maintenance of the common areas;
  • Prepare an initial operating budget for consideration based on estimates obtained for valuation, insurance and other costs;
  • Prepare estimates of final body corporate levies based on information available at the time;
  • Arrange presentation copies of the preliminary operating budget for inclusion with the developer's marketing material;
  • Provide assistance on the body corporate operational rules;
  • If the development is large enough to have a building manager, we can assist with the appointment of a suitable contractor;
  • The best time to contact us is straight after the resource consent has been granted and initial plans are to hand

When The Building Is Near Completion

  • Obtain relevant costs for insurance requirements and place cover in accordance with section 135 of the Unit Titles Act as instructed;
  • Finalise the budget based on the contracts required and information provided;
  • Arrange service contracts for ongoing maintenance of the common areas and services;
  • Facilitate the Building Warrant of Fitness and related compliance issues;
  • Apply the ownership interest or utility interest as appropriate to each unit to the approved budget and raise the levy for the first year;
  • Prepare relevant disclosure statements as required and requested;
  • Receive owners information after settlement and establish a register of unit owners under section 85 of the Unit Titles Act;
  • Obtain relevant documents, plans, a schedule of contractors and any other information the developer can make available to assist with the successful running of the body corporate on an ongoing basis;
  • Call and host the first annual general meeting within the prescribed time


If you're in the market for a great Body Corporate Manager who is interested in helping you, call Helen Morell on:

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