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At Crockers, we are proud to call ourselves New Zealand's leading and largest Body Corporate service provider.

We were the ONLY independent body corporate service provider asked by the Government to take part in their external reference group, for the consultation process in regards to the Unit Titles Act 2010.

Our team of professionals provide great administrative services to almost 1,000 bodies corporate and manage over 18,500 units within Auckland and various parts of New Zealand.

We really do love what we do!

We take personal care to ensure that each body corporate has their own dedicated Account Manager, an experienced professional that they can trust.

Each body corporate has their funds held in a partitioned section of our audited trust account, held at Westpac Bank. All interest earned on your body corporate funds is identifiable as belonging to your body corporate which you receive.

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我们被政府邀请参与讨论Unit Titles Act 2010法案,我们也是唯一一间作为外部参考团体参加的独立物业管理公司。





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  • Why does it make sense to be with Crockers?

    Well, …. I live overseas. I'm part of two Bodies Corporate with Crockers and they manage my properties.  That keeps it simple.  Crockers are my eyes and ears in regard to my New Zealand investments.  I trust them.
    I'm Daniel Moynihan, an overseas body corporate owner and landlord and "I'm with Crockers".

  • What makes Crockers Body Corporate different?

    Crockers Direct!  I can access all of my body corporate information online.
    I can see what invoices are due, read my body corporate AGM minutes, view budgets, find out what's owing and can arrange payment.  It's easy!
    I'm Kelly Thomas, I love Crockers Direct and "I'm with Crockers".

  • Why would you choose Crockers Body Corporate?

    I like that our Body Corporate funds are kept in a separate trust account.  Crockers have the buying power to secure discounts from providers which they pass on to us. And the financial statements are easy to understand.
    I'm Fay Freeman, an owner within a Body Corporate and "I'm with Crockers".

  • The Pulse Ponsonby Body Corporate

    Crockers reliably assisted our BC through a major and complex remediation project which has taken just under 2 years to complete. That was a demanding exercise and I am pleased to report that Crockers supported the BC well throughout the remediation stage. They provided sound advice and assisted with the coordination of Owner updates, compliance matters, special levies and associated administration. That rebuild process is now nearing finalisation as CCC was issued pre Xmas 2016 and Crockers continue to assist us with finalising accounts and will then revert to a more traditional BC role.
    Neil Inns, Chairman - The Pulse