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Crockers Property Investment Index Surveys

CPII Survey October 2017

• Are investors aware of Special Housing Areas? • Factors contributing to Auckland house prices • Which political party policy did investors think would best improve housing affordability?
October 2017

CPII Survey September 2017

• Investors intentions to move out of Auckland • Property plans when moving • Likelihood to buy an Australian investment property
September 2017

CPII Survey August 2017

• Capital gains no longer considered as the biggest opportunity by investors • Rising interested rates the biggest concern of investors • Auckland Rental Property Investment Index increases
August 2017

CPII Survey July 2017

• Auckland Rental Property Performance Index improves in July, following a decline in June • Most residential property investors have only a few properties and are saving for retirement
July 2017

CPII Survey June 2017

• Investor thoughts towards the Labour Party's proposed residential rental portfolio tax reform • Majority of property investors would not use an insulation or heating grant • Auckland Rental Property Investment Index stabilises
June 2017

CPII Survey May 2017

• Investors increasingly likely to keep expanding rental portfolios • Apartment Management & Investment Options • Auckland Rental Property Performance Index saw a recovery in May
May 2017

CPII Survey April 2017

• Review of rental prices • Auckland rents too low? • Factors that would influence an increase in rent • Auckland Rental Property Investment Index improves for the 3rd consecutive month
April 2017

CPII Survey March 2017

• Property investment intent & expectations • Most investors remain optimising toward the Auckland property market • Watch our March 2017 CPII Survey results video
March 2017

CPII Survey February 2017

• Methamphetamine contamination an increasing problem in rental properties • The Auckland Rental Property Investment Index has increased this month due to investors looking to increase their portfolios
February 2017

CPII Survey January 2017

• Interest in Central CBD apartments rises to its highest point since 2012 • Expected Rental Property Investment Performance for next 12 months
January 2017