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Disclosure Information

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Disclosure When Selling Your Apartment/Unit

Under the Unit Titles Act 2010, sellers are required to provide a lot more information to prospective buyers. The information contained in the disclosure statements is intended to help provide buyers with information that can assist in their purchase decision. The Act provides for three types of disclosure:

Pre-Contract Disclosure Statement

The seller must provide this statement at the time they enter into a listing agreement with an agent. The pre-contract disclosure statement contains general information about unit title ownership, as well as specific details such as the amount of the levy for the unit, upcoming maintenance to the development, funds held by the body corporate, and whether the unit or common property has had any weathertightness problems.

This statement is a standard format, the owner can prepare and provide this. If you are a client of Crockers Body Corporate Management, most of the information you require is available on Crockers Direct and there is a template available on the Tenancy Services website ( Crockers can prepare this statement for you, but there is a cost to do so ($295+GST).

However, if you choose Crockers Realty to sell your unit as a sole agency, Crockers Body Corporate clients will receive their Pre-Contract Disclosure Statement, FREE of charge.

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Pre-Settlement Disclosure Statement

The seller must provide this statement after entering into an unconditional agreement for sale and purchase, by no later than the fifth working day before the settlement date. This statement is usually organised through your solicitor with its purpose being to give the buyer a summary of the current fees and charges relating to the unit, whether there are any proceedings pending against the body corporate and whether there have been any changes to the body corporate operational rules.

This comes in two parts, the statement and then a certificate. The statement must be signed by the owner and the certificate by the body corporate. Like the old Section 36 certificate, Crockers is being asked to prepare these and sign the certificate ($320+GST).


Pre-settlement disclosure

Additional Disclosure Statement

The seller provides this statement at the request of the buyer and the buyer must pay all reasonable costs associated with providing it to the seller. The purpose of the additional disclosure statement is to make body corporate records on maintenance, finances, insurance, contracting and governance accessible to potential buyers.

A buyer can request an additional disclosure statement at any time before the earlier of the close of:

  1. the fifth working day after the date the agreement for sale and purchase was entered; or
  2. the tenth working day before the settlement date.

If a buyer makes a request, the seller must provide the additional disclosure statement to the buyer within 5 working days of receiving the request.

Pre-Contract and Pre-Settlement Disclosure Statements are mandatory.

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View here, REAA New Zealand Residential Property Agency Agreements Guide


销售您的公寓? - 披露声明信息

Crockers Realty是奥克兰的单元房产权专家


我们是唯一一家与新西兰最大的物业管理和租赁管理团队合作的的房地产销售公司。 我们拥有销售和管理两方面的综合知识,能力和深度兼备,我们绝对是销售公寓的专家。





这个声明是一个标准格式,屋主可以自己准备并提供。但如果您是Crockers 物业管理公司的客户,您需要的大部分信息都可以在Crockers Direct上找到,政府租赁服务网站(上有一个模板。 Crockers可以为您准备这份声明,但需要您支付费用($ 280 + GST)。

然而,如果您选择Crockers Realty作为独家代理销售您的单元房,Crockers 物业管理公司的客户将收到免费的签约前披露声明。此外,作为Crockers 物业管理公司的客户,如果您授权Crockers Realty作为独家代理销售您的房产,您将获得$ 1,000 + GST 的佣金减免。

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卖方必须在订立无条件买卖协议之后,不迟于交割日之前的第五个工作日提供此声明。 本声明通常由您的律师组织,其目的是向买方提供与该单元房有关的费用一览,是否有任何针对物业管理的诉讼,以及是否有任何对物业管理规则的修改。

这分为两部分,声明和后续的证明。 声明必须有屋主签名,物业管理公司签署的证明。 像之前的第36条证书,Crockers需要准备这些并签署证书。($320+GST)




1.签订买卖协议日期后第五个工作日; 或者





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