Property Mojo

Property Mojo is a real estate education business set up by one of Crockers’ long-term clients, a successful and experienced property investor who has a wealth of knowledge to share. If you are looking to further your portfolio, we encourage you to contact Property Mojo.

A note from Property Mojo...

PropertyMojo is a real estate education business with the professional investing know-how, now available to Kiwi property investors to help fast track their property wealth goals.

Professional property investors use a plethora of strategies, such as buying for instant capital gains, property trading for cashflow, renovating for profit, subdividing, price controlling, buying below the market reserve, controlling the valuations, vendor finance, joint ventures and private syndicates, and many more strategies to acquire, accumulate, expand their property portfolios.

The Property Investor Program at PropertyMojo will impart you the tremendous knowledge and strategies, commonly used by professional investors who have done extremely well for themselves.    

What type properties to buy, what to look for and what to avoid, at what price to buy, how to negotiate discounts, how to master vendor psychology, how to buy, where to buy, how to structure the lending, outside the box funding, master strategies on how to create capital gains and cashflows from property investing, irrespective whether the market moves up or not. 

There are Kiwis who are content with their single investment property, and then there are Kiwis who own 20 properties and continuing to buy more. There are Kiwis who make $400,000 in a single transaction in a few months, and then there are Kiwis who make $400,000 in capital gains over 10 long years. There are Kiwis who use their own money to buy property, and then there are Kiwis who use other peoples money, to acquire their properties. The difference is planning, knowledge, experience and execution, that is not common knowledge to Kiwi property investors.

Here are 4 steps to potentially transform your future property investing trajectory for better:

  • Step 1: Invest 10 minutes of your time to view this video of the $500,000 property that's returning over $100,000 in rental income annually. Yes, you heard it right. $500,000 property returning $1960 rent per week - every week. This is a great example of knowing how to look for properties, not giving up, and taking action like never before. Watch It here.
  • Step 2: Have a browse of Property Mojo's website 
  • Step 3: Have a good think of your present, and where you want to be in 2030
  • Step 4: Book a phone call with Sunny to discuss your personal circumstances email

The PropertyMojo team