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Select An Auckland Property Manager With An Assurance Of Quality

Property Management Service

The high property management service standards of Crockers means landlords know to expect professional service from some of Auckland’s best property managers. The Crockers service standards also allow us to measure and reward excellent performance from our Auckland property managers. 

Crockers use clear, guaranteed Service Standards that let you know exactly what you can expect of us.

Crockers Property Managers undergo regular training and development workshops to maintain peak performance when looking after rental property. Training means our staff stay abreast of landlord service standards, updates to the Residential Tenancies Act, recommendations, industry practices and economic impacts on investment property. 

High Service Standards And Excellent Performance- The Money Back Quality Assurance

High standards of honesty, integrity and professional practice are part of our Crockers Creeds. Our Service Guarantee states the next 3 months’ management of the property is FREE of charge should we let you down. (Please note, this guarantee does not apply around natural disasters).

Having specific landlord service standards for rental investment property owners means

  • Expenditure to an agreed budget is monitored
  • Weekly rental income (rental yield) is monitored, and we can advise on opportunities to maximise or improve this
  • Inspections of the property are conducted regularly property managers with an eye for detail
  • Constructive relationships with valuable, reliable, ongoing tenants are a goal

The Crockers property management fee covers the following services:

  • A secondary support person is available, should your main nominated property manager be unavailable
  • End of year financial statements are delivered to you so you can see your investment’s performance
  • Market research newsletters are regularly sent out by Crockers
  • Access to qualified tradespeople at suitable prices
  • Leasing consultants who know their assigned area inside-out
  • Photography and the right wording so the property is professionally advertised. This includes website listings, access to a database of potential tenants, Property Spotter, Your Place printed register, and the option of a ‘For Rent’ sign
  • All advertising costs and credit checks

Getting your property marketed and listed. We help maximise occupancy and minimise rent-free weeks.

Once you have agreed to work with Crockers, your marketing set-up typically includes

  • Adverts on our Crockers rental listings website
  • Adverts on other appropriate websites
  • Newsletter mailouts and print listings

Selecting the right tenants, and keeping tenants compliant with expectations

Crockers has a team of trained Leasing Consultants whose job is to match trustworthy tenants with well-maintained property. Crockers then provides feedback to you, the property owner, following vetting and rigorous reference checks.

Crockers Auckland leasing consultants take care of

  • Getting a picture of the tenants’ situation including family, pets, employers, income and citizenship status
  • Credit checks
  • References
  • Tenancy Tribunal outcomes, if applicable

Caring for the property through regular inspection ensures our quality assurance standards

Using reliable and qualified tradespeople to take care of house cleaning, lawn care, general repairs, gardening, gutter clearance, unscheduled maintenance and emergency response is one of the standards Crockers prides itself on.

Crockers landlords receive expert rental property management advice and current market knowledge, which enables them to plan towards a secure future. You really can trust Crockers to look after your property. We are a robust, reputable company with 45+ years in the business.

To find out what makes Crockers Property Management different, contact Mark Steyn for an information pack or rental appraisal of your property. Phone 022 183 2790 | Email

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